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The rapper reveals how tough everyday life has really been as a middle five-year-old – she demanded an absolute


Last spring has been tough. The rapper tells how spinning changed his life. He plans to win the Liverpool Eurovision Song Contest because he wants to become a legend.

5.5. 8:40

Finland’s Eurovision representative Karija has only been a national celebrity for a few months. After the UMK23 finals, the man has been spinning like a carousel, the song Cha Cha Cha’s listen figures are nearing 17 million and the comment areas are filled with praise. Which can easily climb over your head. Sitting next to him is Karija, or Jere Pohonen, 29, a nice simple, but exceptionally bright person.

– I don’t take life so seriously. Of course, I take those things completely and seriously in all that I do. Life is best when you just laugh, smile and bring joy to the gang. Sometimes Karija and Jere are also sad and a bit sad. I’m trying to get out of there quickly because it’s not me. He is a prankster and a madman. I love it and always have. Especially when I get to do stuff like this. It makes you smile, even when things are tough, they explain.

It’s hard and long days are behind. While Karizza usually sleeps or, according to her own words, naps for ten hours, in the spring her sleep is reduced to about five hours. For example, he traveled to the Eurovision concert in Amsterdam with one hour of sleep. The tour continued from there straight to the Vius concert in London and from there to four different gigs in Finland with an eye on the same. Between them, they practiced live betting for Liverpool’s Eurovision in Pasilla.

The show is getting really great.

The show is getting really great. Photo: Corinne Cumming / EBU

Months of work ends in three minutes on the Eurovision stage.

Months of work ends in three minutes on the Eurovision stage. Photo: Corinne Cumming / EBU

Fans are worried about Karija’s ability to cope. Finland will appear in the first semi-final on Tuesday 9 May, but the days before that have been filled with training, press conferences and representative duties.

The rapper left for Liverpool on May Day after a few days of complete rest, which he had demanded.

– I said no problem if there is a live training session, I will not come. At least three days so that I can breathe at home.

A thoughtful rapper on his way to Liverpool's Eurovision.

A thoughtful rapper on his way to Liverpool’s Eurovision. Photo: Mikke Pohonen

The green medicine of Karija has spread to Finland and the rest of the world. The Instagram follower count increased by over 100,000 followers during the spring. Finnish people make karija sweaters, earrings, boleros, and wrap tarts. Even the bravest fans have gotten their potty haircuts.

You can still live in peace in Finland

Karija used to reply to people’s comments on Facebook, but nowadays so many messages are coming that she does not have time to reply.

– I hope the gang understands that in this situation you have other things to focus on. You can be on the street for a while, the gang mostly watching and whispering, unless it’s in the dark of evening and alcohol is in your blood. It’s good to be in Finland.

At gigs, he is no longer able to move and chat in the audience.

– There’s no energy for him after the gig and there’s no way out. And I don’t want to disturb the gang.

Karija's faltering rallying spring improves in English.  He has decided that he will only speak boldly, try his best and do the rest in gestures.

Karija’s faltering rallying spring improves in English. He has decided that he will only speak boldly, try his best and do the rest in gestures. Photo: Mikke Pohonen

“This guy seems like a good college friend. I just want to hang out with him because he’s so funny and charming. You can just drink beer and paint your nails together.”

“It doesn’t matter whether he wins Eurovision or comes in the top three. The rapper is already a Eurovision legend and icon.”

“The duel of Loraine and Karija is one of the most epic and insane in the history of intelligence. One is an introverted, serious and spiritual woman, and the other a crazy extrovert who is brimming with energy.”

These are the comments of foreign fans on YouTube. Of all the performances at the Madrid, Amsterdam and London Eurovision Song Contests, Cha Cha Cha confused the audience the most. At the same time, the sympathetic Karija became the pet of other wit artists. Sweden’s former favorite Lorin started pursuing the man soon after the meeting. How did he manage to win over the foreigners to his side with a Finnish song?

– this is madness. I can’t remember the last time a Finnish song did something like this in the world. Has this ever happened? It’s really weird that this happened to me.

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Karizza recalls how strange it was to hear the Spaniards singing their song in Finnish.

Karizza recalls how strange it was to hear the Spaniards singing their song in Finnish. Photo: Ronnie Recoma

stop messages

The rapper has had trouble managing everything because there is so much going on all the time.

– There’s a gang out there that faints when looking at or making fan products themselves. Learns the words of the songs by heart. There were people in Spain who studied him for a few days. This seems absurd and strange to me, as I am used to walking around small domes in Finland and entertaining a small group. After this, messages have come from somewhere in Mexico that there is a demand to organize the program there.

I hear Cha Cha Cha is cool even in a German school. An overseas fan commented on a YouTube video that Karija brought joy and happiness to their dark, depressing and hopeless lives. He had already thought about ending his days, but got the energy from Karija to continue.

The artist has received tons of messages from people he has made happy.

– You can’t even believe such a thing, it’s really great. In the midst of all the hype, the most important thing is that you are able to help someone who is going through a difficult time. Be it illness, separation or other issues. It’s a much bigger deal than the stream number or whatever I’m getting from it.

He recounts an interview he did with young elementary school students. The children were overjoyed when they got to talk to their idol and take pictures together.

– They’re the cutest things in this business. Music in itself is absolutely wonderful, but what it can create in a person is really interesting and great.

a legend for the terrace

Sweden’s Lorin is the early favourite, but Karija is intent on winning.

– I’m really going to win. I didn’t just put myself out there to be eaten by sharks, there has to be some contribution here. I wouldn’t have started the whole format if it wasn’t for my goal to win the whole thing and put Finland on the map. I believe there is a huge chance for this. It will really upset me if I don’t win. It will be a matter of shame if I come forward. I already know that. I’m such a competitive guy. Even though we have a really good mood with the other cast members, one wins. I want to be the one who is raised to the ceiling as a legend.

The rapper at a London five-piece concert.

The rapper at a London five-piece concert. Photo: Corinne Cumming/EBU

The rapper travels to Liverpool to be cheered on by his family and friends.

While creating the song, Karija thought that cha cha cha was such a universal string of words that everyone could say. The surprise was that foreign fans learn to sing in Finnish.

– I hope there is no feeling abroad that even though we talk about drinking, all Finns are alcoholics and they need alcohol to dance.

The Pina Colada Has a Purpose

Pina Colada is the drink that Carija himself wanted to drink while celebrating, but he never got it.

– didn’t think the piña colada would become a thing. It was just a couple words among others for us. feels good. I would say pina colada instead of beer or wine. It is more beautiful, does not get frayed and drunk.

When planning the five-piece show, logistics came before many wishes.

– I would have loved to have a boxing ring (as seen in the music video), but that costs money and is logistically not possible. Let’s hope we get some flames with us. It’s nothing for free. The kind of prices I heard about… On the other hand, I shouldn’t be interested in those prices. Have been before. I might not get the flame that I would have liked. It would still be a really cool show. I am happy with it, he said before leaving.

Pig train will be seen along with it.

Pig train will be seen along with it. Photo: Corinne Cumming / EBU

– On the other hand, Euro stage work suits Kariza very well, as it has a certain swagger. I love being a Dalit. The entire composition of Karija is built around getting all the songs right, but things are a bit off-kilter around that.

Thanks to this, it becomes easier for people to approach Karija, who is working with a twinkle in the corner of his eye.

Eurovision Song Contest: Semi-Final 1 to be seen on Tuesday 9.5. At 22:00 on TV1 channel.

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