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IL: Jasmin Voutilainen’s friend revealed- these were the last days of the actress who died at the age of 27


This actor, famous for Secret Life, died in March.

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Actress Jasmine Vautilienen, known for the series Salatut Elamat among other things, passed away at the age of 27 in March.

At that time, Iltalehti reported the matter to the public, which was confirmed by Vautilainen’s close circle. No details were given about the actor’s death, but Voutilainen had previously publicly stated that he had been suffering from serious mental health problems.

Now Vautilinen’s close friend Laura Mononen tells Iltalehte about Vautilinen’s last days. According to Mononen, the actor’s mental health had been on a downward spiral for a long time.

The last eight months have been difficult for Jasmine. Last summer we celebrated Jasmine’s birthday and it was really difficult for us to get her out. Around that time, the depression started to really get worse, says Mononen, even though we had a fun evening in the end.

According to Mononen, Voutilainen did not leave his house much in his last months and sometimes did not even dare to go to the store. Worry was fueled by publicity and anger via social media, along with worsening depression.

According to a friend, Vautilainen often stayed awake at night and slept during the day. He also sought help from alcohol for insomnia.

– They experienced intense social media bullying, stalking, threats to visit Jasmine’s house, sexual harassment and press barking. Apart from this, he also received death threats. It was a bit much, says Mononen.

In January 2023, Voutilainen stated on Instagram that he was battling severe depression and anxiety.

At the time, he had said that he took a break from social media for his own good, but kept his followers honest about his situation.

The mind is a wonderful thing, and depression is a real disease. It should never be underestimated! Cheers to all those who are going through the same thing. It won’t be easy today, maybe even tomorrow, but I promise you and myself, it won’t be easy one day, as long as you can fight and try to hold onto some of the little things that make you happy Yes, Vautilainen wrote.

His update garnered a lot of encouragement and support.

– Lovely Jasmine! Lots of hugs there. You are wonderful, wrote Monika Lindemann, another actress from Salatutu Elami.

Salkaarit’s colleagues Sami Uotila and Kurtu Riesenen also wished him happiness.

– Brave, most wonderful you, said the dancer Tia Elg.

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Following news of Voutilainen’s death, his Instagram posts were filled with grief.

Jasmine, I will always remember you as the sun. You left too soon and words cannot express how sorry I am. To the loved ones, Shakti, rest in peace, media personality Rosanna Kulju wished.

Rest in peace, you are always strong, wrote 2018 Miss Finland and model Alina Voronkova.

– rest in peace! Big Brother winner Jasmina Yildiz wrote, “I’m so sorry and I wish everyone in the close circle to be stronger than anything.”

Jasmine, I will never forget your light and the warmth with which you always welcomed me. Rest in peace, wished social media influencer Peppi Puljujärvi.

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Voutilainen began her acting career in 2014 with Salkkerit’s spin-off film Nightmare 2. In 2015, he starred in the spin-off series Satula.

In the same year, Vautilinen was seen as a contestant in the program Martina J Hengenpelstajat. Two years later, she competed in the Miss Helsinki pageant and was crowned the pageant’s first Hereditary Princess.

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