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Martin, 15, played pranks on the man who asked him out – the identity was shocking


Norwegian true crime series Operation Lost Boy tells the story of an investigation that began in 2006, when a smart Bergen teenager’s phone call to police led to the discovery of an international pedophile ring.

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TV Magazine review: New Norwegian documentary series Operation Lost Boy (2023) is about the dark side of the internet, about pedophiles who spread sadistic child pornography. In this 5-part true crime series, we return to 2006, when a single case in Bergen, Norway has turned into a massive crime scene.

The network of the international pedophile ring is spread across the globe.

At the time of the events, 15-year-old Martin Crosnes thought he was chatting with a boy his own age. The internet celebrity was a man in his forties who asked the boy to meet him in a hotel room. A clever young man called the police.

The alleged pedophile turns out to be a local policeman.

Built like a suspense story, the documentary returns to the actual events, and both Martin and the criminal investigators of the time recount the progress of the case.

However, the documentary series begins in the United States, where a man known as “Mudfoot” has been tracked down in the small town of Franklin, Missouri. Local prosecutors say the pedophiles exchanged photographs and video footage of the children, some like baseball cards.

A researcher reminds us that a pedophile is often a predator who seeks out single women with children of a suitable age on dating sites. It’s easy to win the favor of women working long hours by pretending to be a friendly babysitter.

In addition to Norway and the United States, the Pedophile Ring toured Afghanistan, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy and Romania.

The Norwegian series is seen in 150 countries.

The Operation Lost Boys documentary series begins on Saturday 6 May. Venus channel at 21:00.

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