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Yesterday’s live broadcast of Sumen Morning was disrupted when assailants stormed the studio – it was all


Heavily armed men march on the screen during the Humenta Suomi broadcast on Saturday morning.

6.5. 11:15

On Saturday morning, a confusing scene unfolded before the eyes of viewers of the Humenta Suomi broadcast.

The studio lights went out in the middle of the live broadcast. The darkness was broken by torchlight and a group of heavily armed men stepped in front of the cameras and loudly ordered host couple Lorenz and Nina Backman to the ground.

The confusion quickly dissipated and the truth soon came to light. The “bear gang members” who attacked the studio were not policemen at all, and the weapons were not real.

The film was a group of actors from Action Crew Finland, a company specializing in official roles. Two of them, Laurie Untamo and Juho Orpana, sat for an interview with the presenters at the end of the staged arrest situation.

Although all parties were clearly involved in the situation, it still managed to take viewers of the morning broadcast by surprise.

Jouni Sipila, the producer in charge of Humenta Suomen, told IS that when planning the program, it was also because of this that they tried to make sure the sections did not intimidate anyone.

– We were sure that the situation would end so quickly. The situation was also opened up and explained, says Sipila.

According to Sipila, so far viewers have not received any response from the morning broadcast that would indicate fear.

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