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Dilly contestants’ languages ​​get tangled in a challenging task – Rally English gets an amusing response


The contestants will have to face the task in English.

8.5. 19:49

In tonight’s Daily episode, the contestants are tasked with creating a concept for a mobile game.

The idea should be sold to the Finnish Rovio expert team, but in English. Rovio is known for, among other things, the hit game Angry Birds.

Language skills, or indeed the lack thereof, creates pressure and uncertainty for some.

– We were far from English lessons. Everyone knows that you are either a math whiz or a language whiz. You can’t have both, Atte says.

Kiila team members Atte, Mikko and Aki ask for help from former Dili winner Olli-Pekka Vila, who is currently an eSports expert.

– Don’t worry about how it will go grammatically. When you speak, you speak that English. If that’s the point, no one will be interested in that panel, encourage the Oli-Pekka team.

The team feels that Finnish people are known for their rallying English, so you have to dare to speak regardless of pronunciation and grammar.

When it comes time to make a presentation in front of the expert team, Ete apologizes for his English and the team’s gist and makes the product experts laugh for fun.

Despite the language barrier, the team gets the job done with a bit of humor.

Later, Tony Lahde, who followed the assignment as a consultant on the management team, praised the team for their performance.

– I always really like it when you see that a person clearly does not know how, but still begins to do it. Because in my opinion, what is most measured is whether you give up, or whether you actually go for the fire, says Tony.

Big props to you for this. Because at times it was cruel to see how tense you were and especially the language. Sometimes it may be missing something. I didn’t always live. But absolutely great performance.

Story edited on 9.5. At 7:19 p.m. Corrected the name of Oli-Pekka Villa.

Deal Monday 8.5 at Nelos and Rudoo. at 9 p.m. and, exceptionally, next time as a TV broadcast on 22 May. The episode appears on the screen normally.

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