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Popular Love Island is coming back to Finland – these are the changes to expect


In June, singles arrive at a seaside villa to seek love on a popular reality TV show.

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The popular reality TV show Love Island Finland will return to the screens in June. The program will also be hosted this season by host and social media influencer Veronica Verho.

– I can’t wait! We have a new villa and new love-hungry islanders. It is always a pleasure to serve as an ambassador of love, says Varho in announcing the program.

– I hope many people find something they love in the program, and I’ll be able to join them again on Instagram to follow their amazing everyday lives.

In the fourth season, singles get a chance to woo each other in a new villa by the sea. From the villa, singles get to spend time together, for example on dates, and love is also ignited in the form of a game of flirting.

As a new element, in addition to wool, the voice of a new narrator is heard. This season, the comedy show will be headlined by comedian Tommy Hostola, also known from TikTok, who has written the scripts for Noin Vaikut News and Surmestar, among others.

Tomi Hostola is a well-known comedian on social media.

Tomi Hostola is a well-known comedian on social media. Photo: Jukka Alsari / MTV

Hostola has more than 20 thousand followers on Tiktok. He says he is excited about his new job, as he no longer has to watch interpersonal drama from the balcony of his apartment building.

– I have three and a half coitus behind me, all of which ended successfully. In other words, there is a solid but tenuous understanding of human relations, he says in the press release.

The solo program will be revealed at a later date, but there are said to be many interested applicants.

The applicants are on average 25 year old singles from different parts of Finland. They are said to be specifically looking for a relationship rather than just a summer fling.

You can apply for it even after the program has started, as the program progresses and new singles join the program.

Love Island Finland from 5 June at 22:35 on MTV3 channel and MTV Katsomo. A new episode comes out every day from Monday to Saturday.

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