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Comment: The rapper on his way to becoming a rooftop legend


Cha Cha Cha is a simply produced song with no influence from any Eurovision machinery, writes Paulina Leonen.

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I have never seen such intoxication in any intelligent artist except Lorde. I don’t know how Karija or Järre Pohonen from Vantaa managed to rise from almost unknown to Eurovision legend and confuse the whole of Finland.

At Eurovision in Liverpool, it has been incredible to see fans from other countries – for example, the British, Israelis and Swiss wore green boleros on their way to the arena. Not to mention Finland’s Karijahuma!

When Karija performed her song to a full arena, the audience screamed cha cha cha at the top of their lungs. It even has backing vocals! It seems that the rapper absorbed the energy of the audience. He is as if created to entertain, and this is reflected in his relaxation on stage.

I have been excited about Karija since the song released. I’ve been watching the Alien reaction video in the store monthly and have been talking about the show so much that my friends have almost gone insane.

I love Karija’s fun personality and funny social media videos. He is kind to everyone and a warm person. Mikke Pohonen told about his brother that he lights up every room. Liverpool have a one-minute schedule, but they still have time for their fans.

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Cha Cha Cha is a simply produced song that doesn’t have the influence of any Eurovision machinery. Eurovision experts from Ireland and the United States favor Finland to win. According to Matt Fredericks of Viuso website ESC United, Käärijä sounds like it was made for the Eurovision stage.

– I have always said that it is as if Kariz was raised in a Eurovision laboratory to be the perfect Eurovision artist. He represents what Eurovision is about musically, energetically and aesthetically. He has a very unique voice. It connects the young and the old. I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to do a whole Eurovision.

In Tom DeWitt’s opinion, Karija breaks boundaries, as Eurovision fans generally do not like rap.

– He’s energetic and funny on stage, he’s fiery on stage, but when we meet, he’s like a puppy. Everyone loves him.

The rapper also has one extraordinary and much-appreciated trait. He directly states that he is going to win the Eurovision Song Contest. You rarely see such confidence in a Finnish Eurovision performer.

– I want to be the one who is raised to the ceiling as a legend, Karija told me before leaving for Liverpool.

If only jury votes allow it, then Kariza is on her way.

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