Saturday, September 23, 2023

Karija wows Liverpool crowd – social media goes crazy for Finland’s performance


The Finnish representative’s witty performance was clearly a favorite of the live audience.

9.5. 23:41

Suomen Karija’s performance caused the biggest reaction in the audience held on Tuesday afternoon, which began to cheer as soon as the Finnish postcard came on the screen. When the music started and Karija peeped out of her compartment, the screams reached their crescendo.

In the press center, all other demonstrations were observed in silence. When Finland took their turn, there was rhythmic clapping and chanting of cha cha cha in the center.

The rapper absorbs energy directly from his audience. His performances are fast-paced, colourful, crazy and flamboyant. The camera angles work well and the sound looks much better than the first rehearsal seen by the media. The backing vocals are handled by 11,000 people in the arena.

The camera is completely in love with Karizza, who looks at home on the stage of Liverpool’s Eurovision arena. Shadow Element and Piggy Train are brand new to the Eurovision stage.

Karija ends the final dress rehearsal by thanking the audience with her familiar phrase:

– It’s madness, it’s a party!

Karija’s performance in the semi-final itself sent the live audience and social media into a frenzy.

– what a blast! The rapper is a true star and an incredible artist. The Cha Cha Cha and the roof of Liverpool Arena are on their way to Jupiter, a sage fan sizzling,

– Finland, what nonsense! Oh my god, how great, one more hikui,

– win already! Good lord listen up crowd, it’s a win! helsinki 2024 rocked third,

Stop the calculation, stop the race, let’s go to the market, we have a winner, Incense Sticks the fourth,

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