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Lorraine’s amazing show drives fans crazy – “The Senseless Show”


Lauren’s tattoo is a stormy and world-shaking display of a windmill moving.

9.5. 23:23

Swedish pre-favourite Loren’s world-shaking tattoo performance looks a lot better on cameras than it does live in the arena, where a clumsy wooden box steals the attention. It is much smaller than the one seen at Melodifestivalen.

The show begins with a rotating image of Lorraine lying on top of her box. The angles work and suit her dance.

The tattoo has a stormy and smoky atmosphere. A wind machine blows Lorraine’s hair. When the performance settles down a bit, the audience’s attention is drawn to Lorraine’s nails.

Lorraine’s singing skills are in a class of their own, and especially at the end, cold shivers run through the skin. Towards the end, Lorraine makes eye contact with the audience and looks directly into the camera.

Lauren’s burden is her winning song Euphoria, which was better than Tattoo. Lauren, on the other hand, is believed to take the points of the expert jury from different countries at Saturday’s Eurovision final, as tattoos are a safe choice for juries who value Swedish production and strong singing skills.

Lorraine's Liverpool Stage Show

The “box” for Lorraine’s Liverpool stage show was much smaller than the massive setup seen at the Swedish qualifiers. Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters

As you might expect, Lorraine’s performance on Tuesday drove her fans crazy via social media. A few minutes after the end of the song, many people crowned Sweden the winner.

– Let the others go home, Lauren takes it, an ardent fan wrote,

It was an absolutely crazy show. If this isn’t Eurovision winning material I don’t know what will be, another Updates,

– Lorraine came and destroyed the competitors, said third,

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