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Wise experts Tom and Matt explain why Kariza wins: “Like grown in a lab”


Eurovision Tom from Ireland and ESC United’s Matt from the United States have supported Suomen Karija since the release of UMK23’s songs.

9.5. 16:52

Tom DeWitt and Matt Fredericks, who run the Eurovision website, are well-known faces in Eurovision circles. The two made popular reaction videos about Cha Cha Cha and encouraged Finland from the start.

Experts are convinced that Liverpool’s Eurovision victory will be between Finland and Sweden.

– I am 60 percent sure that Finland will win. Finland wins the public vote and Sweden wins the jury vote. I believe it will turn towards Finland. I’m not sure about that, but I feel great, says Matt.

Tom says that the biggest obstacle for Karija is the expert councils of different countries, which do not give points to Finland in a sensitive way. On the other hand, since Finland tops the predictions, the jury is forced to take them into account as well.

– Cha Cha Cha is a very brave, colorful and crazy song when usually expert council prefers safe songs. On the other hand, his public success may be so strong that I am 61% sure of a win.

In Matti’s opinion, Karija is as if made for the Eurovision stage.

– I have always said that it is as if Kariz was raised in a Eurovision laboratory to be the perfect Eurovision artist. He represents what Eurovision is about musically, energetically and aesthetically. He has a very unique voice. It connects the young and the old. I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to do a whole Eurovision.

In Tom’s opinion, Karija has broken boundaries, as Eurovision fans generally do not like rap.

– He’s energetic and funny on stage, he’s fiery on stage, but when we meet, he’s like a puppy. Everyone loves him.

He believes that Lorraine is the only one who can challenge Finland, but that Sweden faces a lot of challenges.

Sweden has not been in the top five in the public vote for five years. It is good to get tattooed, but now there is a need for change. Why will the public vote now fall on Sweden? Something has to change, Tom points out.

– Tattoo song is good, but very Swedish. It has visual abilities, Matt continues.

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