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In the rich and poor episode, Kala of the family’s daughter convinces CEO Marican – “Poverty can be identified like this”


In the new episode, Tina, who has been unemployed for a long time, gets a chance to stay with her daughter in a nice villa for a week.

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In this week’s episode of Rikkat Ja Rahtomat, Marika Maurya, CEO of a consulting company, exchanges homes and budgets with long-time unemployed Tina Rahkonen and her daughter Siri.

The Rahkosets get a chance to visit Marika’s newly acquired villa for a week, which also belonged to her childhood grandmother. So Marika moves from the villa to an apartment in an apartment building.

Marika wants to help Siri with her art hobby.

Marika wants to help Siri with her art hobby. Photo: Sari Soininen

Tina and Siri receive a weekly budget of 1,350 Euros, while Marika’s weekly budget is 70 Euros.

Finally, the exchange pairs meet each other. Marika, who makes art herself, is impressed by Siri’s photography skills, even though Siri has a dismissive attitude towards her skills.

Siri and Tina get to stay at the villa for a week.

Siri and Tina get to stay at the villa for a week. Photo: Sari Soininen

Marika says that she learned from her grandmother that everything is possible in life. With this, Marika believed in herself and faced various challenges bravely.

He wants to instill that trust in Siri, too.

– At a young age, you can now be identified with so much poverty. You might think don’t take it. Start building on the fact that I can be anything, encourages Marika.

According to Marika, it’s easy to get down on yourself, but such inner talk is not worth it.

– You can learn everything and everything is possible, they say.

Marika would also like to meet Siri and Tina again after filming. He wants to help Siri move toward her dreams, and in return, Tina can

Marika suggests that the three of them see each other again even after the shooting of the show. Marika could help Siri move towards her dreams and Tina could teach Marika her favorite sport of knitting socks.

– You will become a master needlewoman, Tina answers in the affirmative.

Rich and Poor on Nelos and Rudu, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Ilta-Sanomat and Nelonen belong to the same Sanoma group.

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