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The Lions’ Den Finland is on fire – with investors familiar with the public eye


Lijonna Luola Finland is now looking for entrepreneurs to join the popular program.

10.5. 12:25

The home version of the popular “Lion’s Den” show is back on TV screens. Now the program is looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to convince Finnish Business Lions.

Entrepreneurs known to the public are also seen as investors, or Lions, of the program that is slated to launch in the fall. The lions in the new format are Nura Fagerström, known from the Dilli program, comedian Sami Hedberg, entrepreneur Jenny Kinnos, hero of the domestic business sector Jari Sarasvuo, Elias Aalto, known as one of the founders of Volt, and Award winning entrepreneur. and angel investor Kim Vaissonen.

Kim Vaisonen, 51

Kim Vaison is a multiple-awarded entrepreneur and angel investor. He once founded Blanco, a company specializing in data destruction, which internationalized as a pioneer in its field, and was later sold to a British company.

In his childhood home, Kimi’s parents drove taxis during the day and delivered newspapers at night, so Vassonen took a giant leap from those starting points when he sold his company for 60 million euros. At the same time, he promised himself that the Finnish startup industry would receive part of the amount, and that is why he works as an angel investor today.

Noura Fagerstrom, 37

Noora Fagerström has navigated a difficult path through a challenging and restless childhood, but she hasn’t given up on her determination.

At the age of 24, he founded Jungle Juice Bar, and once by participating in the Lion’s Den program, he was able to save his company’s operations. Since then, Smoothie Bars have opened in over sixty locations.

Fagerström have always been full of ideas and possessed a strong will. He thinks it is important for a company to generate buzz and come up with innovative marketing methods, even if the company does not have a marketing budget.

In the spring parliamentary elections, Fagerström became a coalition member of parliament from the Ushima constituency.

Jenny Kinnos, 31

Jenny Kinnokse became a millionaire at the age of less than 30. He has always had strong visions of his own, and already in elementary school he was developing ways to earn money for himself.

At the age of 24, Kinnos created MySam, which focused on social media content and advertising, and sold the majority of his successful company to a listed company. Today, he focuses on his company, Moretime, which provides software robotics.

The heart of Kinosen is to create a relaxing and warm working environment that is efficient and productive at the same time. As an investor, he is particularly interested in traditional companies and products that can be used to make social hits.

Jari Sarasuvo, 57

Jari Sarasvu is a towering personality and a long term entrepreneur, who is known for his straight forward comments. His business acumen has been admired, even though he never thought of working as an entrepreneur when he was young, but his close friendship with two soulmates got Sarasvu excited to start a company .

Part of entrepreneurship, according to Sarasvuo, is that the original business plan almost never pans out, but the market determines what they’re interested in.

This also happened with his own marketing company, which eventually morphed into the marketing and coaching company Trainers House, as the demand for Saraswuo’s coaching was huge. Through this company, he has managed to accumulate wealth worth lakhs. As an investor, he is particularly interested in companies that solve everyday or social problems.

Elias Aalto, 37

Elias Aalto has dared to follow his intuition. He took two programming courses, interrupted his studies at the University of Technology, and founded a company focused on software consulting, Qvik.

Later, Aalto made the jump to found the VoLTE food ordering application, which became a huge success in Finland and Europe. Eventually, the company was sold to American DoorDash in an 8 billion stock deal.

When he was young, Aalto moved frequently, living in Finland as a child and dreaming of becoming a millionaire.

He developed the mobile game Wooden Labyrinth 3D, through which he won the first Apple Design Award in the Nordic countries. As an investor, he is particularly interested in consumer products.

Sami Hedberg, 42

Sami Hedberg is a well-known comedian, actor and one of Finland’s most frequent performers. Since 2005, he has also set his sights on the corporate world. His company Hedberg Live Oy has done everything from club operations to event planning, advertising production and venue rental.

With his 365 tour, Hedberg has achieved a Guinness World Records world record for “Most Live Gigs in a Year”, He is one of the owners of the Helsinki Seagulls basketball team, and is an investor in technology and mobile applications. Works in

Lions invest their money and time in promising business ideas if the entrepreneurs who come to the cave are able to convince them.

– I hope to see entrepreneurs who are passionate about their idea in Lijon’s cave, offering useful and necessary products and services for us. Ones that actually create added value, rather than some forcibly-invented Tamagotchi. We don’t need any more cold weather for this ball, explains Kim Wasson.

The program will be filmed during the end of summer and is currently looking for entrepreneurs.

– I hope that companies with the right products, whose industry vitality is supported by a good team and satisfied customers, will join the program. I will never again invest in ideas whose justification for existence is not confirmed by the team and customers, says Jari Sarasvuo.

Lizona’s cave in Suomi Nelos and Rudu in autumn. You can apply for the program here. Ilta-Sanomat and Nelonen are part of the same Sanoma group.

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