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Singles take each other off on TV – this is what the new dating series looks like, where the first meeting is in bed


Based on the popular international format, Undressed Suomi brings viewers a unique take on dating.

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Can two people who don’t know each other find a connection in half an hour? The new series Undressed Suomi is a unique experiment where singles get to know each other in an unusual way. Couples first strip each other down to their underwear, and only then begin to get to know each other.

Watch the series trailer in the video window at the beginning of the article.

The dating environment is a room with only a bed and a large screen. Topics, questions, tasks, and images appear on the screen, which guide the course of the encounters. The screens show a wide range of subjects important to dating couples, from prophetic dreams to erotica, and from self-portraits to various, multifaceted tasks.

Naked Suomi covers a wide range of major topics in dating. What surprising things do couples do, does one talk too much about their past relationships, does everything fall into place when the other has kids? And is the age difference a hindrance, does the appearance meet the wishes, and is the physical charge sufficient? It also remains to be seen how many people kiss on the first date. At the end of the half-hour introduction, the daters only get half a minute to decide whether or not they want to meet again.

Unmarried reveals a wide variety of feelings and situations: surprise, sensuality, sensitivity, sensuality, fun, shame, success, and sometimes even despair. A total of 64 participants from different ages and backgrounds will take the dating test.

Undressed Finland is based on a popular international format that has been shown in many countries around the world.

Stripped Suomi TV5 and Discovery+ 6.6. From

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