Friday, December 8, 2023

This history question would have earned €15,000 on Millets – do you know the answer?


Susan from Helsinki shoves her finger in her mouth on a history question.

11.5. 19:22

Susan Heikkinen from Helsinki sweats Do You Want To Be A Millionaire? – Program next to History question.

The 15,000 euro question asked by Antti Holma is being spent: Which student fired the famous Sarajevo shots in 1914? Was it Gavrilo Princip, Eugen Schumann, Ernst Tandefeldt or Franz Ferdinand?

– Names and numbers associated with history are not my strength, Susan gasps.

He goes through the names one by one.

-Francis Ferdinand. I wonder if it was just a name I know, and then it always occurs to me that it’s some kind of war thing, Susan thinks out loud.

– I know that Eugen Schumann was connected with the shooting of one of the Governor Generals of Finland or something like that. Gavrilo Princip and Ernst Tandefelt do not seem familiar, but on the other hand – that Frans Ferdinand will not take you to Sarajevo, but that Frans Ferdinand has shot something. It’s that band too, so I know the name.

Antti reminds that Susan can guess the answer, as she gets to keep the 10,000 euros she won in the previous question, even if this question is answered wrong.

Susan locks down the replacement Frans Ferdinand.

– Susan, Francis Ferdinand … it was he who was shot! That was the wrong answer! Gavrilo Princip was right. But it came close, but Antti on the other side of the gun had regrets.

Do you want to be a millionaire? The last episode of the season is on Thursdays at 21:00 on Nelos and in the morning on Rudu. Ilta-Sanomat and Nelonen belong to the same Sanoma group.

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