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This is how the Karija event went wild in Finland – Torripolici found a Bolero in Oulu


Karija has wrapped up the whole of Finland in a Eurovision frenzy.

12.5. 18:22

A veritable vis craze has taken over Finland, as Karija’s Eurovision final performance on Saturday is already being eagerly awaited.

The rapper, whose real name is Jere Pohonen, is one of the early favorites for the final. Finland have their best chance of winning five games since their spectacular performance at Lord’s in 2006.

In Oulu, the Karija drug can be seen atop the city’s famous Torripoli. The market police idol was dressed in a neon green bolero specialty from Karija.

Oulu Toripoli was decorated with Karija Bolero.

Oulu Toripoli was decorated with Karija Bolero. Photo: Sari Karhu/Lahtikuwa

The city of Oulu not only skips the Karija festival to prepare Torripolis, but also organizes a Cha Cha Cha dance show around Torripolis, where dancers dressed in pink perform like a Karija stage performance.

The Hewoseruhitu newspaper reports that the foal, born on Sunday last week in Kuopio, was named after Karija.

In Kotka, employees of the cafe-confectionery Hygge make karija tarts. The cake is frosted with a neon green frosting, adding the familiar black spikes to the collar of Karija’s dress. The Finnish flag crowns the pastry.

People have also decided to enjoy the Kariza drug on the online flea market site

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The site is filled with various green products with the word Karija printed on the front of them. During Friday, Meno has really flown in Torii, namely the 50,000-euro “Wrapped Plant” and the 90,000-euro “Karija Kattomokhale”, more precisely a lamp, have ended up on sale.

The green colored Jopo bikes are also sold with the Karija prefix. In addition, the green clay work depicting insects adorning the top hat has received the karija prefix. You can find a carpet for as little as 1,000 Euros.

Instead, the Nettiauto website sells 2023 Skoda Enyaq cars. According to the theme, the color of the car is green. The sales notice states that the Kariza variant on offer has been added to the car and 4,000 euros have been deducted from the price.

The rapper has also dabbled in the world of drug politics. Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its Twitter account updated its logo to green and decorated it with Karija’s other trademarks, a black pot hat and a beard and moustache.

Instead, the Ministry of Employment and Economy publishes the Carija edition of the Finnish Lion. Sher had a stylish bob, a beard and of course a neon green bolero.

In Satitalo, karija pastries were made for those attending the government talks, as told by coalition MP Jan Sankelo.

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