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Here’s how the sparkling Eurovision final goes on – top stars and rare guests take to the stage


Liverpool’s Eurovision winner will be revealed later this week. Host Great Britain marches onto the stage with the top stars of the Eurovision world.

13.5. 16:45

Liverpool’s Eurovision will end on 13-14 May. That is, on the night between Saturday and Sunday. Then it will be clear whether Karija will lead Finland to the expected Eurovision victory and the charm of Cha Cha Chala.

A total of 26 countries will compete in the finals. Along with the semi-finalists, they include the paying countries, ie The Big 5: Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, as well as Ukraine, which won the Turin Eurovision Song Contest.

Great Britain has won Eurovision a total of five times. No less than 26 years have passed since the last victory. At that point, the trophy went to Katrina and the Waves with their song Love Shine a Light. In recent years, the country’s success in the Eurovision Song Contest has been superficial and low in numbers. Sam Ryder pulled the country out of the quagmire last year with his runner-up song, Space Man.

After finally being able to host the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of war-torn Ukraine, Great Britain clearly decides to give it its best. The final will be hosted by Julia Sanina, Hannah Waddingham and Alisha Dixon, who were seen in the semi-finals, and Graham Norton, the BBC’s witty commentator and talk show host.

Luke Germ's Floating Earth adorns the Albert Dock Harbor area, which serves as the venue for the competition.

Luke Germ’s Floating Earth adorns the Albert Dock Harbor area, which serves as the venue for the competition. Photo by Dave Rushen

As always, the Eurovision Final will be opened by last year’s Ukrainian winner Kalash Orchestra with its impressive sounds of a new generation performance. Along with the winning song Stefania, it also included the band’s new song Changes.

The flag parade of the finalists will be accompanied by well-known Eurovision representatives of Ukraine, such as Go_A, Jamala, Tina Karol and Finnish disco ball head Verka Serdjutshka. Verka, who finished second in Helsinki Eurovision 2007 with dancing Lasha Tumba, is also Karija’s all-time Eurovision favourite. On the other hand, Go_A singer Kateryna Pavlenko has said on social media that she will be supporting Karija in Liverpool.

Verka Serdjutshka shines in Eurovision final

Verka Serdjutshka shines in the Eurovision final Photo: Aleksi Kinnunen

In the first intermission number, TikTok star Sam Ryder took to the stage, becoming one of Britain’s most talented singers on his way to his fifth silver.

The final interim issue is called The Liverpool Songbook, which celebrates the Beatles’ great musical achievements in the city.

Before the scoring, the party ends with the combined numbers of Italy’s Mahmoud, Israel’s five-a-side winner Netta Barzilai, Iceland’s Daudi Freire, Sweden’s Cornelia Jacobs and Dutch five-a-side winner Duncan Lawrence. He receives additional confirmation from the local Sonia, who came second in Eurovision 1993.

How can you vote for your favorite in the Eurovision Song Contest?

In Eurovision, both the public and the National Council vote. You are not allowed to vote for your country, i.e. Finns are not allowed to vote for Karija in the final.

The rules of the Eurovision Song Contest have changed several times, and this year for the first time viewers from countries other than those participating in the contest will be able to vote.

So you can vote from anywhere in the country through internet.

Rest of the world votes from countries outside the contest are added together and converted into points, which have the same weight as the individual country participating in the contest.

The National Council is comprised of five music industry professionals. According to the rules of the EBU, the judges pay attention to the song, the artist or performers, the singing skills and, of course, the show itself.

The jury will vote on the basis of a second dress rehearsal, which took place in Liverpool on Friday. That’s why they don’t rate the shows that come on TV on Saturday.

The votes of the national juries are converted into points, which are distributed among the ten best countries listed by the jury: points are given from 1 to 8, 10, and the favorite of the jury gets 12 points.

The rappers will compete in the finals at the venue on the 13th.

Rapper Performance competes in the final at position 13. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva

Jury votes do not tell the whole truth about how successful a certain Eurovision song will be in the final. The scores of the public vote and the votes of the rest of the world are added to the votes cast by the jury.

Viewers, ie fans of Vius, can vote for their favorites via phone, text message or app. A person can vote for his favorite a maximum of 20 times.

The public vote for each country is divided among the ten countries with the most votes. The country with the highest number of public votes receives 12 points, the second highest 10 points, and the remaining eight countries receive 1–8 points.

You cannot vote for your country's representative in the final.

You cannot vote for your country’s representative in the final. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva

Public voting opens in the finals immediately after the last performance and remains open for approximately 40 minutes. The presenters will announce on the broadcast when voting begins and ends.

In total, 2,204 Audience Points are distributed. On the other hand, there are 2,146 jury points.

Five-bubble Eurovision bubble on Saturday 13.5. on TV1 at 21:00.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023: The final will be seen on 13 May. at 22:00 on TV1 and it runs for more than four hours.

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