Saturday, September 23, 2023

The rapper is fighting for the win – send a picture of your race stand!


13.5. 11:00

A tight battle is expected from Saturday’s Eurovision final, where Finland and Sweden will battle it out for victory at the top.

In the lead roles of the ground match setup, Suomen Karija, who has achieved wild international popularity, and opposite, the climax of the Swedish five-piece Lörren. The latter is predicted to be the early favourite, but Karija’s chances to win are among the best for a Finnish artist in years.

This is also evidenced by the fact that the drug Karija brought a large number of Finns to their television screens during the semi-finals.

How do you follow or prepare for the historic five-a-side final?

Send us your race stand picture on whatsapp no ​​040-6609019. We publish the best clips on Ilta-Sanomi’s website.

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