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A humble hero of wisdom arrives in Finland – this is how Karija’s press conference proceeded


The rapper arrived in Finland from Liverpool on Sunday evening. As a newcomer, he had Finland’s second best Eurovision ranking ever.

14.5. 19:53

The arrival hall of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was packed with fans waiting for their hero, and Karija was unable to break through the crowd at the press conference.

How does it feel to be worshiped in this way, Finnish enlightenment critic Mikko Silvanoinen asked Karija at the very beginning.

Exciting and fresh in its own way, formulated by Karija.

– It’s great that everyone came to cheer. I appreciate it. However, I want to emphasize that I am the same flesh and blood, and no more special person than anyone else. We all belong to the same tree.

According to Karija, the performance of the final went exactly as it should have.

We didn’t win and that’s sad. second place. Well, it is what it is.

When the other countries’ scores were listed from the stage on Saturday, the audience at the ViewArena shouted Karija’s name several times. British presenters were confused even by shouting cha cha cha.

– It was the kind of riotous mood that I like, Karija smiled.

– Nothing was bad about anyone. It’s the entertainment business and part of it.

Karija had nothing but bad things to say about Lorin.

Lorraine deserved to win. Best wishes to him. Yes, we will go for coffee. I’d still love to win the one that was undeniable.

There was an encouraging message for the Finnish Karija:

– I want to say that you all can do this work if you want. It doesn’t get any more surprising than that. I didn’t make it alone. I just made a song. Everything else was built by the Finns. Even if we come from different places, it doesn’t matter. We are one family.

At the briefing, people thought of Karija’s victory speeches. He was considered very unfinished.

We didn’t go there to see the view. We were serious. I’m not fooling around in this matter and I hope the same attitude will spread to everything, for example Finnish sport.

I was sure that I would win this race. In the end, the result was second and it was a huge disappointment. I would have liked to go to the market with a group. Let’s hope that next year one or the other will handle the work and bring home the profits.

Many Visu fans felt that there was an injustice in the distribution of votes, as the winner of the public votes did not win the entire contest.

– rules are rules. Let’s go with them. There was nothing to worry about. It is fine to say it later, but let the people decide. This is a large audience, not a five-man band.

The Finns didn’t give any points to Lorraine. The rapper was shocked by this information.

– Very good.

Finland played with the pockets of our people and I am grateful to them for that.

The rapper is now planning to celebrate, seeing family and important friends.

– It’s time for me to take a break.

Gig is on 20th, for that you will have to do a lot of training.

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