Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Because of this there is a difference of 58 points between the Eurovision public votes and the votes cast by the judges.


A total of 15 professional juries left Finland without any scores. Finland received public votes from all countries.

14.5. 18:09

The votes cast by the professional judges at Eurovision were Karija’s fate.

Although Finland was top-ranked in the jury’s votes, Lorraine received such tough scores from them that the wild number of public votes was not enough to propel Karija to victory.

Lauren received 340 points from the jury and 243 from the audience. The rapper received 150 points from the judges and 376 from the audience.

Listeners from 18 countries rewarded Karija with a full pot of 12 points. Lorraine did not receive a full score pot from any country audience. It got 10 points from eight countries.

The judges and the public give slightly different scores overall.

In Saturday’s final, 2204 public votes were cast, while the number of votes given by the judges was 2146. That’s why the difference is of 58 votes.

This is because countries outside Eurovision also had the right to vote.

However, the electors of these countries are counted as one “country”, with only the public vote and no jury vote.

Thus the council gives 58 points (a point line 1-12) less than the public.

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