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“Finland was deprived of victory!” The international public was shocked by Karija’s behavior


Sweden won the Eurovision final, but the audience would have voted Finland’s Karija to win. Viu’s voting structure is getting a lot of criticism on social media.

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The final of the Eurovision Song Contest turned out to be a real thriller on Saturday as Finland’s Karija and Sweden’s Loreen measured each other in a field of talent. With the jury’s votes already in the early stages of scoring, Lorraine came out on top of the race. National radio stations went crazy for Lorraine’s tattoo song, but Karija won the public vote.

At least 18 countries chose Finland as their favorite in the public vote, and Carijon’s Cha Cha Cha hit a huge jackpot. Finland received 376 points in the public vote, while Sweden received 243.

When the scores awarded by the jury and the audience votes were added together, Sweden’s Lauren won by a clear margin. He got a total of 583 marks, Karija got 526 marks.

Lorraine's song Tattoo became a hit and sank into the national charts.

Lorraine’s song Tattoo became a hit and sank into the national charts. Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters

The final result has created a stir on social media. Many Eurovision fans are disappointed that the final result of the Eurovision Song Contest was decided by a score of judges made up of music industry professionals. Finland received 150 points from the professional courts, while Sweden received 340.

– I can’t hide my disappointment, Karija was so close to victory! He will always be the winner of the people’s vote and the people, he writes on Twitter.

– Sweden did not get twelve points in the public vote of any country. Finland did not give a single point to Lorraine in the public vote. All countries gave Finland at least six points. It is clear who is the favorite of the public, comments are being made on social media.

Many people have brought up on social media the shocking moment they saw and heard in the final, when the entire arena cheered Karizza several times during the scoring and chants of the cha cha cha echoed through Liverpool’s stands. The presenters had to convince the audience that the scoring could continue.

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The rapper found Liverpool's Enlightenment area under a spell.

The rapper found Liverpool’s Enlightenment area under a spell. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva

– The rapper is the real winner in my eyes, he writes on Twitter.

– The victory was stolen from Finland!

– How is this possible? Finland wins the public vote, but not the entire race?

The five-man final in Vantaa looked like this:

Based on the comments, the Eurovision voting structure needs reform.

– Hello Eurovision, can you tell what the votes of the jury mean, if they vote how the voices of the audience roar and roar?

– The whole jury of Height. The audience should decide the winner.

– Finland’s Cha Cha Cha is the real winner, writes on Twitter.

– I’m crushed. Sweden had a great song, but you could see from Karija that he wanted to win and the crowd wanted him to win.

Lorraine, who has now won Eurovision twice, has received a lot of backlash on social media. Many people rushed to the artist’s defense and pointed out that it is not okay to bash any contestant.

– Don’t bully Lorraine, she’s not the jury. We loved all the cast, they write on Twitter, and point out that Lauren and Karizza had a good relationship during the competition.

Visufans have taken their frustration out on social media with clever turns of phrase, and when, for example, the BBC congratulated Lorraine on Twitter for winning Visu, the publication’s comments area flared up.

– Why didn’t Finland win, Karija really deserved to win. Vis fans say that bad always wins.

– Lorraine is not the real winner.

– what a disappointment. Finland was much better. When 26 countries vote, the voting system doesn’t work.

Some even accused the jury of strategy.

– Quite a coincidence that next year will mark 50 years of Abba’s victory? The jury should be dropped.

– For the first time I think it was preordained that Sweden would be allowed to organize Abba’s concerts in the anniversary year, writes on Twitter.

– A contestant who has already won fives should not be allowed to participate again.

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