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Here are the professional judges who gave Finland a full 12 points


Finland received a full 12 points ahead of Sweden and Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest.

14.5. 22:08

Sweden’s Loren has already been declared the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time. The race was extremely tight, as Sumen Karija won the public vote, but Lauren’s song Tattoo received a bigger score from the professional jury.

Finland’s performance did not enthuse the professional judges. Only Sweden and Norway gave Finland the full 12 points.

Jonas Ness Steenset, Raymond Enoksen, Ellie Kristin Hansven, Amy Kristine Gutulsrud Christiansen and Mimmi Tamba sat on the Norwegian Council.

Jonas Ness Steinset is better known by the stage name Joan. In 2021, JONE released the single Eventire, which has been listened to nearly five million times on Spotify.

Raymond Enosen is one of Norway’s leading composers. His music has been heard in films, commercials and television series.

So Kristin Hanswein is an opera singer who has also done pop. He has founded his own festival, Operafest Roykenvik, where he is the artistic director.

Amy Christine Gutulsrud Christiansen is a singer and songwriter. He became famous in 2013 after participating in the Stjernekamp TV show.

The members of the Swedish jury were Fredrik Lars Kempe, Robert Stefan Sahlberg, Arantxa Álvarez, Clara Emma Klingenström and Isabel Maria Hara Ljunggren.

Kempe is a Swedish songwriter and opera and pop singer. He has been seen in the Swedish versions of Les Misérables and Chess.

Sahlberg is a longtime music director who has had a career, e.g. On the radio.

Arantxa Álvarez is a Swedish TV presenter and singer.

Clara Klingenström is a Swedish singer and songwriter. He started his music career in 2010 and has won the Gotland region final of the Musik Direct music competition.

Singer and songwriter Isabelle “Isa” Ljunggren Molin participated in the 2019 Melodifestivalen competition with the song Torn performed by Lisa Ajax. The song secured 9th position in the finals.

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