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In Sweden, it is alleged that Mikko Silvanoinen encouraged Finns to vote tactically – knowledge commentator denies


Sweden didn’t get a single point from the Finnish audience at yesterday’s Eurovision final. According to Aftonbladet, the reason for this could be the comments of the Finnish presenter.

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Yesterday, Sweden won the Eurovision final with Lorraine’s song Tattoo, but the Swedish media missed something about the Finnish host’s actions.

Swedish media Aftonbladet published an article on Sunday suggesting that Finnish-language Eurovision commentator Mikko Silvanoisen from Yale may have influenced the voting behavior of Finns.

Sweden has got the highest number of judge points so far. Finland led the public vote, but Sweden won five points overall.

Karija received a full 12 points from the Swedish audience, while Loren did not receive a single point from the Finnish audience.

Ruotsalaislehti commented that Silvennoinen’s message was probably one of the reasons why Sweden was left without any points.

According to Aftonbladet, after singer and television star Alesha Dixon, who was the show’s host, was told about the rule not to vote for her country, Silvanoinen read aloud an anonymous comment about Yell’s show.

– As the anonymous person in Yale’s chat reminds: Vote smart, it’s not forbidden. But voting is prohibited in Finland, Aftonbladet quotes Sylvanott.

Silvennoinen commented on the matter to IS via text message. According to him, it was a joke which did not go down well with the Swedes.

– They no longer understand that there were only elections in Finland where voting was done rationally. Lappa is now lost in translation, writes Silvenoinen.

With the expression “lost in translation”, silvenoinen refers to a situation where a message does not work the same way in another culture.

Lorraine won Eurovision for the second time.

Lorraine won Eurovision for the second time. Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters

Finland was the only country to leave Lorraine without a point in the public vote.

Swedish commentator Edvard af Sillen told a Swedish newspaper that Eurovision does not use a rulebook that the voice commentators must follow. According to him, there are no rules about what they can and cannot say.

– but I can imagine that there are unwritten rules. And that’s it, I really don’t think a commentator should be asking his listeners to vote tactfully, he told the magazine.

According to Silen, Silvanoinen’s actions do not make a good Eurovision sense. Cillene says he is proud of the Swedes, who were aware of the threat Karija posed for Lorraine’s win, but still gave Finland 12 points.

Anders Vystbacka also commented on the newspaper’s position. He is the project manager for Sweden’s Melodifestivalen.

– As far as I know, there are no rules on how a commentator can express himself. But I know that despite the exciting international match, our commentators will not be urging the spectators to vote tactfully, Vistbacka commented to the newspaper via text message.


Sweden won Eurovision fairly and deservedly.

According to Mikko Silvanoinen, “there is nothing wrong with Sweden’s victory”.

– Sweden won Eurovision fairly and deservedly.

Silvennoinen writes how Finland certainly wanted to win. He also acknowledged that he read a message sent by a viewer during the live broadcast that tactical voting was possible.

I did not mention any country in this context. I didn’t call for a tactical vote. I just told you about the flap you got from the voter.

According to Silvanoinen, the joke was particularly funny because of the recent parliamentary elections. He writes about how throughout the spring in Finland there has been a lot of talk about tactical voting so that Basic Finns do not join the government or the prime minister’s party.

In his message, Silvenoinen thanked Sweden for the points awarded to Finland.

– Usually, Finland doesn’t get any points from the Swedish Council, so it really warms me up now.

He commented that he is also a big fan of Lauren.

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