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Karija commented on Lauren’s win: “She definitely deserved it”.


The rapper believes he will hit Lorraine again.

14.5. 22:40

Karija, who returned to Finland from Liverpool, told a press conference that Sweden’s Lorraine, who won the Eurovision Song Contest, deserved her win.

– Lauren won, it definitely deserved it, it did everything, Karija or Jære Pohonen said.

At the same time, he praised his opponent as a top man and thought he would face the Swedish artist again. On the other hand, he would have liked to win the competition.

Of course I would love for Lorraine to win, what can I deny, said the artist.

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The rapper was shocked to hear that the Finns didn’t give any points to Lorraine.

– Very good. He said that Finland played with the pockets of our people and I am grateful for that.

The artist said that he thinks that the Eurovision rules should be changed so that the people can decide the winner.

The European Council gave Lorraine from Sweden, which won the contest, a total of 340 points, while Carijn was left with 150 points.

Lauren’s 190-point lead was huge, despite the fact that Karija collected a historic 376 points from the audience.

However, the rapper is not bitter about his second place.

It’s sportsmanship. Best wishes to Lorin, best wishes to her, she is an amazing person. I love Lorraine, the artist said right after the finale.

The rapper was taken when hundreds of fans came to meet him at the airport on Sunday.

Many thanks to those who came here. Of course, I was surprised that there were so many people here. It’s cool that the gang got to go to such a crazy fair and it’s a big deal to me. It’s time to be speechless.

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