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Karija recalls her perilous situation last night, which followed with her heart in Finland – “I dodged it for some reason”


14.5. 20:10

Saturday’s five-a-side final ended with Karija suffering a colossal blunder. He meant to strike the strings used in his performance.

However, he quickly recovered from the situation and continued with honors until the end of the show.

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– For the first time in the whole trip to Liverpool, he was on the wire. I saw it when I went for a run. “I think I hit it and dodged it for some reason,” Karija told IS at Helsinki-Vantaa airport on Sunday.

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However, he does not blame what happened on anyone.

– I do not blame anyone for this. The one who does gets hurt. Kartsari’s life is such that sometimes it hurts and it happens. This is not so fair.

The rapper focused on being able to drag his performance through to the end.

No matter what happens in the end, just keep going and keep smiling.

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The rapper was disappointed with his second place. He went on to secure five wins from Liverpool. He would have liked to celebrate it with the Finnish people at the market.

However, in Helsinki, there were a lot of people at the market on the night between Saturday and Sunday. The rapper first came to know about this from IS.

– To be honest, there was no smell. I haven’t followed the news. I am focused on being with friends and enjoying my time in Liverpool. But it’s a sweet thing if there’s something out there (in the market), Karija said.

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The rapper was taken when hundreds of fans came to meet him at the airport on Sunday.

Many thanks to those who came here. Of course, I was surprised that there were so many people here. It’s cool that the gang got to go to such a crazy fair and it’s a big deal to me. It’s time to be speechless.

The city of Vantaa said earlier on Sunday that it would remember Karija with a mural.

– it feels great. I am from Vantaa and it is an honor.

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