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Katri tells on Helena TV how she told Paula Koivuniemi about youths


Katri Helena said in an interview with Jenny Paskisaari that she was horrified by Paula Koivuniemi’s daring throw at the restaurant.

14.5. 18:01

The sixth episode of the personal interview series Studio Paskisaari features famed Iskselma star Katari Helena, 77.

In the program moderated by Jenny Paschisari, famous public figures tell the story of their life cycle growth from child to adulthood with the help of photographs.

Katari Helena first narrates poignantly about her childhood and growing up as well as the ups and downs of her life. Among other things, she describes how she has done mourning after the death of her ex-husband Timo Kaloja and her son Juha.

– I realized that Timo is not completely gone. I began to understand that when a person leaves this world, he goes to the spirit world. This body that we have here is only a shell and a coat. It was very comforting, says Katari Helena.

Paasyasri asks what one can say to a person who has lost a loved one and feels that even his own life cannot continue.

I guess even if we live right next door to someone, we still have our own paths. However, that doesn’t mean I have to leave. He may have finished his work, but I haven’t, Caterina Helena continued.

– And it speaks of a mother who has buried her own child, that is, Juhan, Paskisaari sympathizes.

Afterwards, the two proceed to talk about lighter topics and Katari Helena’s career. They are looking at a picture where, besides Katari Helena, Lee LaVen, Paula Koivuniemi and Marion Rung are together. Katri Helena says that she knows Paula Koivuniemi best, and that they have always had a good relationship.

Women on stage group.  From left are Paula Koivuniemi, Marion Rung, Lee LaVen and Katri-Helena.  The picture was taken in 2000.

Women on stage group. From left are Paula Koivuniemi, Marion Rung, Lee LaVen and Katri-Helena. The picture was taken in 2000. Photo: Juhapekka Tukianen

Paskisaari asks if Katri Helena really told Koivuniemi anything about the youths.

– We always went to a restaurant to eat after the concert. Katri Helena says, if Paula saw a handsome waiter, she started singing Huon Satavis.

The song in question sings suggestively about an invitation to a hotel room: “Room one hundred and five / Go there, then / My room’s got the door open for you now / When I’ll be alone for just a moment.” Perhaps the most famous version of Kiple was performed by the late singer Kikka.

Katri Helena describes that she was intimidated by Koivuniemi’s brave singing.

– I laughed too, but I said don’t sing about it now, you’ll be slandered! I was a small town girl. But Paula had a broad sense of humor, continues Catery Helena.

Finally, he describes how he has fallen in love with his current partner, Tommi Leimatainen, who is over thirty years his junior. In the opinion of Katri Helena, friendship is more important in a relationship.

– We are friends. Falling head over heels in love is not a guarantee. The only thing that matters is that there will be friendship. That’s where love goes with you, said Katari Helena.

The sixth episode of Studio Paskisaari on Sunday 14.5. At 18:00 on the MTV3 channel.

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