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Rapper fulfills 94-year-old Helja’s wish – “I never believe…”


Helja Hakosalo says he watched the final with excitement.

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Hundreds of people gathered at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to wait for Jere Poyoho from Karija, or Vantaa, which arrived in Finland from Liverpool. Many were dressed in green and were eager to meet the Visa representative for Finland.

One of the visitors was 94-year-old Helja Hakosalo.

– This is such a special occasion. These don’t happen often, said Hakasalo, who bears the Karija symbol.

She was wearing green and pink clothes. The sign had a green heart with the word Karija in the middle.

For Hakosalo, it was specifically about fanning Karija, not so much Eurovision.

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Hakasalo said that if he spoke to Karija, he would like to congratulate and thank the singer for everything she has done.

He said he briefly fell asleep while watching Wisecrack, but woke up to watch the thrilling final climax.

– I have my fingers crossed for Karija. Sweden’s win was definitely a bit disappointing. But the rapper came in second. That’s great.

– He is a very sweet and fair singer, said Hakosalo.

Hakosalo was about to meet Karija.

– This is a big moment in my life, Hakosalo said.

– Is it, my lord, that the 94-year-old Karija has occupied his armpit, said.

Hakosalo told IS that he was speechless.

He wished and thanked. And I thanked him. It was absolutely wonderful, says Hakosalo.

Hakosalo arrived at the airport at 6:30 in the evening to meet Karija with his daughter. He says that he could not have expected how wonderful and friendly the atmosphere there was.

Hakosalo will soon be 95 years old. He still can’t say whether Karija will play at the children’s birthday party. Maybe the theme color of the party is green.

– could be possible. I never would have thought something like this would happen, Hakosalo concluded.

Helja Hakosalo was at the airport with her daughter, Lisa Kalliokoski.

Helja Hakosalo was at the airport with her daughter, Lisa Kalliokoski. Photo: Alexey Jalava

At Eurovision, the rapper’s fate was the votes cast by professional judges.

Although Finland was top-ranked in the jury’s votes, Lorraine received such tough scores from them that the wild number of public votes was not enough to propel Karija to victory. Lorraine, who won the competition, received 340 points from the jury and 243 from the audience. The rapper received 150 points from the judges and 376 from the audience.

However, Hakosalo and his daughter Lisa Kalliokoski, who were waiting for Karija at the airport, believe that Karija is the winner anyway.

– the winner of the public, said Hakosalo.

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