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Ruotsalaislehti asked whether Finland should have won the Eurovision Song Contest – readers’ opinions were divided


In Sweden, Lorraine’s victory has generated differing opinions.

14.5. 21:21

Also in Sweden, Lauren’s recent Eurovision win has left the country divided. Loreen is praised among Aftonbladet readers, but Karija’s presentation was also noted.

The newspaper published a story on Facebook on Sunday, with the caption asking: Did the Eurovision win go to the right address?

– The Swede was not the favorite of the crowd in Liverpool. Everyone watching and listening to the broadcast heard it clearly. What do you think? Should Finland have won? the paper asked.

– Not really, Lorraine was simply the best, said one of the commenters.

Many others shared his views.

Lorraine was superior. An excellent singer can do well on stage. Finland’s contribution was a wonderful vitamin injection, but nothing more.

– Correct song won. And if Lorraine had not won, I would have preferred to see Norway as the winner rather than Finland.

Finland’s song was a boring joke.

– It is a shame that Finland got more public votes than Lorraine. Lorraine was clearly the best.

– If it was about humor and show, then yes, but it’s really a singing competition. Sweden was definitely the best, but I think there were even better ones!

Not everyone was as absolute in their opinion. Some said that he also enjoyed artists from other countries.

Good luck to Lorraine! Have the Nordic countries ever been in the top five of these three? Enjoyed all three, wrote one.

Some of the respondents felt that victory would go to Karija, who received the most public votes.

The rapper collected 376 votes from the audience in the final. However, your victory depends on the votes of the international judges. Finland received 150 points from the international judges, while winner Lorraine received 340 points from the jury votes.

In the end, Sweden won the fives with 583 points. Finland scored a total of 526 points.

Many commentators pointed to the great influence of the judges’ votes on the final outcome of the competition. The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is chosen based on public and jury votes.

Finland would have won if the system of international councils did not exist. He had the vote of the people!

– Finland should have won!

Read more: That’s why there is a 58-point difference between the Eurovision public vote and the vote cast by the judges

– Finland won the audience vote. I’m glad Sweden won, but it was just a matter of gratitude. Please get rid of the jury next year. Let the audience decide. Jurors can vote like anyone else. If there are 4-10 people on the jury, they shouldn’t count as thousands of “ordinary” people.

During the scoring of the five-a-side final in Liverpool, Karija’s name was shouted so loudly that even the presenters had to stop the audience.

People of Sweden like Lauren the most because she is a participant from Sweden. I think it should be taken into account that so many people supported Finland in the arena. It was clear that the scroller was a favorite of the people. Too bad he didn’t win, wrote one.

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