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Such are the Eurovision judges, whose votes became Karija’s fate – one aspect of voting may surprise


Each country has its own and they include music professionals.

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The jury vote for the Eurovision final became a hot topic after European judges awarded Sweden’s Lauren a total of 340 points, while Finland’s Karija was left with 150 points.

Lauren’s 190-point lead was huge, despite the fact that Karija collected a historic 376 points from the audience.

A total of 15 professional juries left Finland with no points, while juries from other countries awarded Sweden with a full 12 points.

How do these mysterious raids happen?

In accordance with EBU rules, each country’s jury consists of five industry professionals, one of whom serves as chairman.

Boards, for example, are made up of singers, music editors, composers, songwriters, and producers. They should be diverse in terms of professions, age and gender in the music industry.

Jury participants cannot serve on their country’s jury for the next two years, so next year’s jury will have a completely different electorate than this year’s contest. Councils also have substitute members in case one of those elected to the council is unable to vote. The operation of the councils is supervised by a notary.

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According to Yale’s press release, this year the Finnish jury was headed by producer Jonas Olsson, who earlier this year won two Emma Awards in the Producer of the Year and Musician of the Year categories.

In addition, the jury included songwriter Kaisa Korhonen, music journalists Ilka Matila and Sarah Avery from PME Records. Radio Nova’s Nina Jokiaho and Fullsteam promoter Aino-Maria Passavirta serve as alternate members.

The key to panel voting is that the panel evaluates the performances by watching the Friday practice performances live. The final performances on Saturday are therefore not relevant to the votes of the jury.

The jury rates the performance on a scale of 1-26. Each member of the board votes independently. So there is no collaboration, and no discussion is allowed on presentations.

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Judges evaluate performances based on the singers’ vocal ability and stage presence, as well as the song’s composition, originality, and general effect.

The jury’s share in the vote count corresponds to half of the artist’s score. This turned out to be Suman Karija’s fate, as Lorraine took the lead by rail, which was difficult to reach in the public vote.

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