Tuesday, October 3, 2023

“Thank you for being you” – this is how Finnish celebrities congratulated Karija


Finns who are familiar to the public were pleased with Karija’s success.

14.5. 16:18

AT HOME viewers across Finland were excited for Saturday night’s thrilling Eurovision final.

Karija finished second behind Sweden’s Lauren. Finland received the most votes from the public, but an overwhelming vote from professional councils gave Sweden the victory.

Even celebrities noticed this.

Sami Kuronen announced on Twitter that Rapper Ethical was the winner.

Alexi Valvuori shared a video on Twitter of the moment Lorraine won.

– It looks like a robbery, Valavori described the situation.

– The rapper is the champion of the people, he said.

– You have given people much more than we will ever be able to fully understand by analyzing this matter. Thanks for being you. Rest now man, tweeted Katrina Souri.

Aki Rihilahti says he doesn’t understand anything about the music, but was moved by the audience’s reactions.

– I’m biased, of course, but several times in the arena there was a really funny moment when they were shown or voices were given, and the whole arena sang cha cha cha at the same time, writes Rihilhatti.

According to Arman Alizad, the scroll conquered the country and the world:

Baba Liebeck’s tweet got to the bottom of the matter:

– The rapper was great and second place in the world’s biggest music contest with a song translated into Finnish! It’s a good thing to celebrate, said mentalist Pete Poscibarta.

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