Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The rapper arrived in Finland – these were the first feelings: “Thank you all, sir, you’re welcome”


Cha cha cha echoes over Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

14.5. 19:05

Karija, or Järre Pohonen, who represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest, arrived in Helsinki from Liverpool with a positive attitude.

Cheers of victory echoed in the arrival hall of the airport.

People were hugging fans and taking pictures with the lucky few to catch a glimpse of our five-star representative.

– I didn’t expect something like this to happen, said Karija herself.

– Thank you all, sir, shouted the man as he made his way through the crowd, mocking you.

People screamed, shouted and tried to reach the scroller.

“I’m from Vantaa too!” Many people in Vantaa are apparently crying foul.

The rapper’s name is echoing at the airport. The atmosphere is very hot.

Even though the final went to Sweden, Karija was received as the winner at home. A large number of fans gathered at the arena for Karija and her spectacular performance in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Nothing but the cha cha cha scared from the airport speakers! People are dancing to the tune of the superhit.

Social media is abuzz after five years of finals. Many are of the opinion that the victory that Lauren received on the basis of points from the professional jury went to the wrong address.

Finland got 150 points from the professional race, while Sweden got a bigger lead with 340 points. After that, even the 376 votes cast by the public were not enough to lead Finland to victory.

It’s sportsmanship. Best wishes to Lorin, best wishes to her, she is an amazing person. I love Loreen, Karija praised her contestant after the finale.

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