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TV series moderated by Jari Torvo reveals what Finland is really thought of


A great harbinger of darkness from Finland? Jari Tervo and Jari Halme continue to portray the Suomi brand in the second season of the funny series.

14.5. 16:32

The Finns’ favorite series continues for its second season – that is, the series that tells us what others think of us! Last season, hosts Jari Torvo and Jani Hulme discussed Russia, Sweden, wine and baseball, and now it’s the turn of new topics.

Or at the end of the day, all the same, everything that makes a Finn a Finn. An important fact that strengthens our self-esteem is that even foreigners know something about us. Even Marimekko, Kimi Raikkonen, Polar Bear?

So what do you know about us?

In the first episode of the second season, the writer and journalist-director travels across Finland in search of true Finnishness. Like the first season, the style is subtly hilarious, script-flavored, but funny and likable.

It is very dark even in summer, there is silence too.

It is very dark even in summer, there is silence too. Photo: Ville Sarvola, Yale

Finland is at its most exciting in November. Men say that in tourism you must start at the most crucial time.

They are heading towards the Alas Sea Pool on the Helsinki Esplanade. Will the cold be the trump card of our country’s brand?

Important topics are discussed through comedy. Much work-based immigration is needed for societies to function in the future, and people’s decisions to move are strongly linked to their image of the country.

Finland is still little known, even though we think we are a special case. For example, the Mannerheim film failed because of funding that didn’t pick up as expected – Mannerheim was not a celebrity after all.

– Finland is full of world famous people in Finland, Torvo and Halme joke.

So what do foreigners think? Are the Finns half-drunk? We read a lot here because there is nothing else to do? Finns are successful only in sports that do not exist anywhere else, such as Yukonkanton?

Writer Jari Tervo is again looking for true Finnishness in the series' second season.

Writer Jari Tervo is again looking for true Finnishness in the series’ second season. Photo: Ivan Besedin

In the series, tourism experts are interviewed, who testify that many people fall in love with Finland after visiting it. Although we wonder why this is, there are many real reasons why. According to the headlines of foreign newspapers, Finland is a straight paradise.

It is said that an American got a second heart attack after seeing the cheap bill for the treatment of the previous one. We are the cheapest heart attack country in the world, come and get sick in Finland! The hosts joke around, but we get serious about nature.

One of the biggest reasons to visit Finland is the peace and quiet.

The series tells about a group of Arabs who wanted to sit on the beach cliff of Porkkalaniemi in complete peace for the whole journey. On the other hand, the Swiss come to admire our peaks, even though they have the Alps. Finnish people don’t always see their trump cards.

We have to sell something we have enough of: space, darkness, peace and quiet. There is no production cost, and it is good enough or even more every time!

In search of true finishness, the second season of Tervo & Hulme begins on Sunday 14 May. At 18:15 on TV1 channel.

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