Thursday, October 5, 2023

A widespread forest fire in Myrskylä – even a helicopter from the defense forces was called to the scene


A huge wildfire is raging in the storm.

A fierce fire broke out in the forest in Ushima on Monday. The fire field Myrskyla is located in the logging area in Kankkila.

East Usima Rescue Service said in a press release that around 30 units from East and Central Usima Rescue Services and contract fire departments are participating in the extinguishing. The helicopter of the defense forces also joins the fire fighting operation.

– The fire area is currently approximately 15 hectares in size. It is a logging area located near Puntarmenti, near the border between Miraskila and Pukkila.

According to the rescue service, it will take several hours to extinguish the fire. The rescue service announced at 19:00 that the fire was no longer spreading.

However, the fire poses no threat to the population, as there are no settlements nearby.

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