Friday, December 8, 2023

Aleksi Virolainen sends ENCE home – the playoffs are just one win away!


Aleksi “aleksib” Virolainen will play for a spot in the playoffs of the CS Major on Tuesday.

Finnish outfit ENCE is out of CS:GO’s last prestigious tournament, the Paris Major.

ENCE’s journey came to an end in the second group stage, when Ninjas in Pajamas, led by Aleksi “aleksib” Virolainen, took the expected encounter with surprising ease. Mirage was recorded after a short nap of 16-7 for NiP and 16-10 for Ancient. NiP put Ancient ahead 14-3.

ENCE, coached by Itu “Saw” Saha, defeated Bad News Eagle in their opening match of the second group stage, but then the machine crashed. After losing a game to Team Vitality, Into the Breach came out to the fore after NiP dealt the death blow.

ENCE leveled up after losing the game to Team Vitality.

ENCE leveled up after losing the game to Team Vitality. Photo: ENCE

The Estonian-led NiP are now fighting for a place in the top eight, ie the playoffs. NiP will play for the next spot on Tuesday, but the opponent and time won’t be known until late Monday. With the loss, the tournament ends for NiP.

The playoffs are played from Thursday to Sunday at the Accor Arena, where up to 10,000 spectators are expected. So far, only Heroic and Team Vitality, the favorite team of the locals, have claimed their places in the arena.

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