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Comment: The Ice Hockey Association is playing rough pig behind the scenes – a shameful controversy showing the crying moral deficit


The Ice Hockey Federation has drifted into complete moral collapse, and that won’t change the matter unless president Harry Numela changes, writes Vesa Rantainen.

Biggest, most beautiful and richest. The best and the best.

Jacquiolitto finds himself as such, with a second World Cup in a row flooding his coffers again.

Jukka Jalonen’s team guarantees undeniable public popularity, which could give Finland a sensational fourth championship gold in four years.

Hidden behind the World Cup hype is the fact that Jacquiolito is also very arrogant and has a very suspicious attitude towards racism.

So outrageous is the union’s action in the case of the Lahti Pelicans junior team, where the equality commissioner offered a settlement, which the union rejected.

It all started last season, when the coach of the Pelicans’ junior team heard that his players had been racially abused in the middle of a game.

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The coach demanded that the referee investigate the matter, but he himself received a three-match refereeing ban and the club was fined one thousand euros after the coach was deemed to have stopped the match illegally.

Later, the Sports Legal Protection Board overturned the fine and part of the ban. Now the Equality Commissioner has also taken club and coach positions against the union.

Ugly and embarrassing for the union.

It is good to follow the rules so that the series system of thousands of matches can be played properly, but the common people question is how playing the last few minutes of a children’s game is more important than knowing about any sport on earth. Possible racist slur.

But the conceit of the Sangh was not limited to checking the rules only. When the equality commissioner proposed that the ice hockey federation should withdraw its punishment and apologize to the Pelicans, the federation’s true nature was revealed.

It’s dirty and dark. Scary too.

The union could pay the presented compensation and apologize for the failed episode, but no: the union smelled for a long time on racism and suspicion of a small club and a big machine with big money to kill whistleblowers Started

I’m sorry, but an organization that is supported by the state cannot act in a more arrogant manner.

In recent years, the Ice Hockey Association’s activities have become disturbingly pompous.

The Ice Hockey Association is in a strange dispute with the equality commissioner and junior clubs.

The Ice Hockey Association is in a strange dispute with the equality commissioner and junior clubs. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva

Last spring, the management of the national team did not agree to any discussion, for example, about whether the participation in the World Cup of the star defender, who played after the war of aggression in the KHL, until the end of the season By Russia, there may be a moral problem.

The omniscient and omniscient Sangha placed itself above others as if it were an independent state.

At the same time, the results of various national teams have started deteriorating. Junior coaches come and go and no one is in charge.

The total decline of female lions is a direct result of poor leadership. The movement of the trees continues for the second year without any visible remedy.

The Junior Lions’ medal haul has dwindled under a dozen coaches, and Finland’s future doesn’t look particularly bright in terms of the NHL draft.

It is unlikely that the union, in its complacency, has noticed that the oil rig is already faltering.

Chairman Harry Numela has a big challenge to show strong leadership. Maybe he doesn’t have talent.

After all, he got on the golden train made by others in 2016, and only now are his handprints visible.

Harry Numela (centre) is the president of the Ice Hockey Association.

Harry Numela (centre) is the president of the Ice Hockey Association. Photo: OC Ahola/Amulehti

The ship is leaking from almost every seam. A bloated organization suffers most from a lack of leadership, but unfortunately also from a severe lack of values ​​and ethics.

A dangerous example was eg. Hiring a new CEO, Sami Kauhanen from the KHL-Jokers. Numela also did not dare to justify this decision.

However, for almost the same reason, a demand was made: the doors to the national team would be closed for players who would play in the KHL even after the spring of 2022.

The line-up was developed transparently, just before a KHL star was named to the World Cup squad and the KHL CEO was captured.

Arbitrary decisions do not stand up to any kind of moral scrutiny.

However, Kauhanen’s admission is so embarrassing that he has not been seen publicly explaining any wrongdoing by Numela recently.

However, now he has bothered to respond on behalf of the Sangh. According to Kauhanen, the union has no evidence of racism and is only talking about words.

Jokerit recently became a victim of the complete arbitrariness of the union, when it was forced to pay future KHL salaries of coaches who had received new jobs some time ago, totaling more than a million euros.

The association could have settled the matter differently, but it decided to discipline Jocuri’s new ownership group for the contracts made by Jari Kurri.

Salaries of other employees were not taken into account.

Jukka Jalonen's A national team maintains the Leakey Ice Hockey Federation.

Jukka Jalonen’s A national team maintains the Leakey Ice Hockey Federation. Photo: Patrick Uhlir / Lehtikuva

It was recently discovered that, for example, in the case of the bankruptcies of Espoo Blues and Espoo United, the association was not required to pay the naming money to the junior organisation.

Espoo’s juniors lost 200,000 euros because, in a world of union values, the money of highly paid coaches is more important than the children.

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You don’t need to scratch too much the handprint of an idiot when you see bad failures, arbitrariness and immorality.

For example, Nummela Jakikollitto is not nice to others, except as a reminder of how arrogance and incompetence can destroy a lot of good things in a short period of time.

Now the union wanted nothing more than to apologize to the club and the player who may have been the victim of racism, but it was unable to do so.

No president can credibly remain in office after an unfair attack behind the scenes.

In Finnish ice hockey, it’s worth starting to search for the lost down-to-earthness and ethics now. It can start with a change of president.

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