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Father and son were boating on a lake in Keru when an Air Force Hawk jet went down: “There was a terrible bang”


Father and son were rowing a boat on the lake when a loud bang was heard.

There was a huge explosion, describes a man who was rowing a boat near the crash site in Keru after an Air Force Hawk jet crashed on Monday. The eyewitness did not want to appear in the story by his name.

A Hawk jet trainer aircraft of the Air Force crashed on Monday south of Kairu. The plane fell to the ground and its pilot managed to escape by taking the ejection seat.

An eyewitness filmed the first Air Force Hawk flight on Monday.

An eyewitness filmed the first Air Force Hawk flight on Monday. Photo: Reader’s photo

The alarm went off in Keru just after 2 pm.

The man and his son Ivari live on Lake Tiriseva in Keitaniemi Kaiuru, right near where the plane went down. This place is located about one kilometer north of the place where the plane crashed. Both were rowing a boat when the accident happened on Monday.

According to the person, there were two planes at the crash site when the accident happened.

The man and his son first heard a loud bang from somewhere above them, and they saw what appeared to be another Air Force plane circling in the air after that. According to the father, the second plane remained near the crash site for less than an hour.

– I think it will report the incident further, he guesses.

He says that both kept watching the plane spin in the air for an hour. The two themselves did not see the Hawk jet fall as trees came in the way.

– Mostly I thought the bang might be somehow related to the dripping essentially, I don’t know.

According to Keitanimi, the plane took off several times in the air.

Attention went to the point that he started counting those rounds. When there were dozens of them, we began to wonder what was happening there. The aircraft sometimes changed direction and flew in a circle in both directions for a very long time.

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