Friday, June 2, 2023

In the NHL, a huge match – will a familiar Finn become a hero from the basket? “That’s what it’s known for”


The Dallas Stars and the Seattle Kraken would meet in the final game of the series.


Score or Out. It’s the spirit of the game in Dallas as the Stars host the Seattle Kraken in Game 7 of the series.

Dallas defenseman Asa Lindell says he woke up to that fateful day in the same great mood as any game day.

Yesterday it felt more like I was tickling off and looking forward to the game, when the importance and possibility of the stoppage game was on my mind, Lindell said after the morning snow.

The winner advances to the Western Conference Finals, the loser’s season ends.

Joel Kiwiranta became the talk of the 2020 Summer Bubble Playoffs when he netted a hat-trick against the Colorado Avalanche in the second round tiebreaker. Kiwiranta, playing in his rookie season, had previously scored one regular season goal in the NHL.

Is the man from Tusula ready to pull off the feat again?

– That’s what it’s known for. Credit is tough, Miro Hiskanen said.

In the third game, Heiskanen violently threw the puck in his face. The scar that reminds him of her is still on his left cheek. The head is wearing a helmet model that protects the entire face.

– Visibility is a bit poor, especially if the puck is at your feet. It affects a bit, but it’s okay to play with. However, it’s not that big of a difference, said Hiskanen, who has seen the familiar 25-31 minutes of playing time.

Miro Heiskanen one in his head

Miro Heiskanen plays an “aquarium” in his head. Photo: Jerome Miron/Reuters

Dallas already had a cutoff spot in the previous match in Seattle, but the aggressive home team Kraken was clearly superior and won the game 6–3.

We weren’t ready at all. The opponent came hard. We made silly mistakes and we were completely unprepared for that pace. Now you have to wake up from the beginning, Heiskanen said.

Lindel and Pakkipari Jani Hakanpa had a dark evening. Lindell was on the ice for all but one of Seattle’s final goals, which came on an empty net.

– The game went really badly for me. We have learned from it and moved on. Lindell said that the past can no longer be changed.

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Today we have to do what we have been good at. Four court rhythm, tight five man play and hard work in front of goal. We have to defend more closely and score from our own positions.

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