Saturday, September 23, 2023

Karija’s market party was canceled at the last minute – Yale explains


The artist canceled the festival in the spirit of fair play.

Big celebrations were to be held in Vantaa today for Finland’s Eurovision representative Karija.

Originally, the party was supposed to be organized if Karija won the Eurovision Song Contest. The event would have been organized in collaboration between the City of Vantaa and Yale.

Tina Clemettilla, Yale’s producer in charge, says, however, that the party held on Sunday was well-regarded, even though Karija did not win the song contest.

– In cooperation with the City of Vantaa, a large public event with tens of thousands of people was planned and prepared. We were still wondering on Sunday whether it would be held anyway, because such a crowd-favourite victory came anyway, says Clemettilla.

According to him, the image conveyed through Karija’s team was that Karija did not want to celebrate properly as there was no victory of the wise men. The artist wanted, in the spirit of fair play, that without victory, a victory party cannot be organized.

– We respected the artist’s own wish not to hold the party, as there was no profit, Clemettila said.

The ceremony was intensively planned for a couple of weeks.

– About two weeks before the Visa, it began to seem that there was reason to think that victory might come to Finland, says Klemattila.

Preparations started in full swing. An event in which fifty thousand people are expected to participate requires special stage arrangements and security arrangements, screens etc. You won’t have time to do them in just a couple of days. Only arranging permits takes time, Clemettila Karija describes preparing for the festival.

However, next Saturday will be Karizza’s Ice Rink gig, which will be broadcast both at Yale Live and at Yale Arena. Clemettilla says he hopes the gig will be successful internationally as well.

– We will do our best to spread the information about Saturday’s gig in countries other than Finland, because Karija medicine is huge abroad too. We expect international fans to organize a Karija evening with their friends in Europe next Saturday, says Clematilla.

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