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Krista Jatinen opens up about her failed cosmetic surgery on TV – she came close to death


Unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries cause great shame, which is why they are often kept silent in public.

Influencer and OnlyFans content producer Krista Jatinen came close to death as a result of a failed cosmetic surgery. She talks about her wildly failed surgery in Yale’s Spotlight: The Passion of Being Beautiful episode.

Aesthetic procedures are more popular than ever. Krista Jatinen decided at the age of 17 that she wanted to have BBL surgery, ie Brazilian Butt Lift, where the buttocks are lifted and the buttocks are given a fuller shape.

– I just wanted a bigger butt. He didn’t know how to think about the consequences of surgery at that age.

In a BBL lift, the buttocks are shaped and lifted with either the body’s own fat transfer or buttock implants. Fat transferred to the buttocks is usually pulled from the groin, back, abdomen, or thighs. The operation is risky and the procedure has resulted in many deaths around the world.

Jatinen went to Lithuania to undergo the operation, as no one was found in Finland for the operation. In Lithuania, he had implants placed in his back.

However, complications arose after the operation: the implant had become a bulging pat.

– The pain did not disappear and when the swelling subsided, it was noticed that the implant had twisted and was sticking out of the buttock, explains Jatinen.

Jatinen has shared information on the risks of cosmetic surgery on social media.

Jatinen has shared information on the risks of cosmetic surgery on social media. Photo: Ivan Besedin

Repair surgery was performed in Estonia, where Jatinen received new implants.

– havoc broke out.

According to Jatinen, the repair surgery done in Estonia also failed. As a result of the surgery, Jatinen developed several serious infections, which continued to recur. As a result, Jatinen was placed in the intensive care unit.

The situation developed into a life-threatening situation.

– The surgeon told me directly that I had so much swelling in my body and I had so much fever that it was already life-threatening to remove the implant, says Jatinen in the program.

– Fortunately, I survived and the implants were removed, he continues.

Jatinen says that its total cost was around 40,000 euros. The removal of the implant cost 8,000 euros.

Today Jatinen is skeptical about cosmetic surgery. She has shared a lot of information about beauty procedures and their risks on social media.

– I’m not going to do any more surgery unless I absolutely have to. For example, breast implants need to be replaced every so often.

Jatinen creates erotic content only for fans.

Jatinen creates erotic content only for fans. Photo: Ivan Besedin

Finland is currently one of the few European countries that does not have clear restrictions on who can have aesthetic procedures.

Plastic surgeon Heikki Kupi says on the show that aesthetic treatments are almost as common as going to the barber.

According to Kup, the person providing the beauty treatment is not necessarily a doctor or health care professional.

Aesthetic treatments are described on the Medical Association’s website as follows:

“Aesthetic treatments are given by doctors and dentists, but also by other service providers who have varying clinical backgrounds and training. Treatments are also given by people who do not have a health care education. “

In Finland, expertise in plastic surgery is not required to perform aesthetic treatments.

– In many other countries, it is assumed that a doctor only performs procedures related to his area of ​​expertise, reflects on the Kupi program.

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