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Lina Suomi sparks social media confusion – an unbelievable prediction accurately sums up Karizza and Lorraine’s situation


Rapper Drudg completely took over Lena Finland during Eurovision. They decided to make two winning pictures of Karija, which coincidentally predicted the result perfectly.

Lina Suomi from Wanta surprised herself when she accidentally perfectly predicted the setting after the Eurovision final.

Suomi, who has been drawing all her life, decides to draw a winning picture for Karija even before the finals begin. He was absolutely convinced that Jere Pohonen, aka Karija from Vantaa, would top the most dazzling ranking of wise men.

It was different when Loreen was voted number one from Sweden. The work created by Finland still describes the aftermath of the finale confusingly well.

– I was very lucky that it became such a good hit. The idea for the first picture was born when Lauren’s song was called Tattoo. Then I made Karija as a tattoo on Lorin’s arm, Finland opens.

A digitally captured image from Finland shows Karija wearing a green bolero dancing on the foreground of the Graphic Lorraine. Lorraine’s expressions in the drawing are astonishing.

The photo was intended to show Lauren’s disappointment when the Finnish rapper took her victory. Now the drawing aptly describes how, despite winning the trick, Karija steals the spotlight, shining as the audience’s favourite.

Lina Suomi painted a picture of Karija dancing on Lorin's forearm.

Lina Suomi painted a picture of Karija dancing on Lorin’s forearm. Photo: Lina Suomi

The second work was born from the idea of ​​a Finnish man. He suggested that Finland use Lorraine’s “Toaster” in the drawing, among which she sang at the Eurovision performance.

According to Finland, the second picture also reflects the current situation very well.

– Yesterday I thought for a moment, Lauren would feel the same way now!

In a photo by Lina Sumen, Karija

In the photograph, taken by Lena Suomen, Karija dances on top of a “toaster”. Lauren turns to Karija’s side. Photo: Lina Suomi

Suomi has shared her drawings on Instagram and Facebook. He has got a really good response to his works, especially on the latter’s social platform.

– For example, I am told that my pictures reflect everyone’s mood and feelings. Suomi happily says that the picture of the toaster has been shared on Facebook at least more than 100 times.

Finland, which rarely watches Eurovision, plans to follow Karija’s journey in the future. He says that Karija Drug has completely taken over him.

That boy has such amazing charisma. He does not act, but is himself, which is very rare in public figures.

– In reality this does not happen to anyone. He basks in the kind of light no human usually finds himself in: he comes in second, but he’s the favorite of the entire audience. Oh Lorraine Parka! Finland sighs.

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