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Lions’ surprise winner plays out a memorable World Cup tournament – soft-spoken about change outside the rink


Juho Lamicko, 27, is the first and so far the only player in the World Cup to score against Sweden. The goal in the 1–1 draw was the two-time world champion’s first in the senior tournament.

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Juho Lamiko of the Finnish men’s national ice hockey team has had a memorable World Cup tournament. The Pori center is playing in his third World Cup at the Nokia Arena, but in his first as a newly married family man, who has brought a pungent spice to his performances in Legion.

– it’s different [perheenisänä], But it is easy to do when there is such a good atmosphere in the team. I miss my family a lot, but they are close to me and I see them every week. This is really a great thing, said Lammikko in a warm voice.

For Lamikko, 27, Mother’s Day this year was extraordinary. Luckily for the player, the World Cup tournament will be played in Tampere this year, which helps meet loved ones amid the gold rush.

– I saw family on Mother’s Day – and my mother. It becomes really easy when we are in Finland. Abroad it will be much more difficult. I should be grateful, thought Lammikko.

Whether Mother’s Day provided the needed boost or not, Lamicko scored the first coveted tournament goal of her career as the Lions lost to Sweden on Monday evening, 1-2 (0-0, 0-1, 1-0), 0-0, 0-1).

In goal, Lamicko first fought for the puck on the defensive end, winning the loose puck at the corner of the goal and tapping it in from a short angle. Paint of a worker – and an important one. The equalizer brought Finland a point in the Group A standings.

– I don’t remember anything about the target. Sometimes it jumps. The paint no longer heats up at all, minor dunari dodged.

Finland played their best match of the tournament at the Nokia Arena. There were ample scoring opportunities for several breakthroughs, but Lars Johansson and the Swedish defense held out.

– We played our best match and we have improved, but it is a pity that we could not win. It doesn’t help to wallow in this defeat, Lammikko says.

Sweden’s defensive play has been iron-clad at the start of the World Cup tournament. From the point of view of opponents, including Finland, frankly terrible iron square. Sweden have scored exactly one goal behind in the first three matches of the World Cup, which was the handiwork of Lamiko.

– The Swedes move well, and playing against them is never easy, Lamicko reminded.

Lamikko played in Finland’s triple group with Harri Pessonen and Kasperi Kapanen. Lamikko managed to score, Pessonen guarding the puck tightly and with superiority managed to finish an acrobatic finish between his legs. Kapanen, the St. Louis Blues NHL signing, is finding his groove game by game. The flurry of the Euro Hockey Tour is history, and with such fast-paced play, Kapse could soon have bigger scoring nights ahead than Monday’s 0+1.

One of the best skaters I’ve ever had the chance to play with. A very skilful player. It has been a pleasure to play with him, praised Kaapa, Lammikko.

Lammikko moved from the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL to the flagship Swiss club Zurich Lions for the finished club season. Lamicko, known for his defensive skills and his fighting, was Zurich’s best scorer and better goal scorer. In Legion, the two-time world champion’s role is still the familiar defensive one.

– I like my role, where we work hard, defend and play a lot of understrength. It’s always nice here. Lemmikko reckons that while the national team plays more evenly and the role is wider in Switzerland, it still takes a few games to get used to.

Lamikko is one of the few Finns to have played under Swedish head coach Rickard Grönborg, Tappara’s sensational recruit the following season. Grönborg started last season at the helm of Zurich until he was fired in December.

– It was nice to play under Ricardi. Really a good coach, a great guy. Tapara has got a really good coach. We didn’t play well enough as a team.

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