Thursday, October 5, 2023

Live at 5PM: Week 3 begins with Satitalo – does Orpo have anything new to share?


The board meeting continues on Monday at Satitalo. The third week of talks is going on.

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The third week of board talks began in Satitalo on Monday after a day off.

IS followed the conversation live and monitored it moment by moment under the article.

Board Member Peteri Orpo (Cook) met briefly with the media. Orpo was asked about Social Security and savings, among other things.

Every decision to save is a difficult decision. Every structural reform is behind hard work for better utilization of funds. Sote’s challenges are the biggest, Orpo said, because you have to be able to manage the services of people and also need a lot of money.

Satitalo saw a real surprise guest on Monday when Jari Lindström, a former minister and Member of Parliament representing Basic Finns and Blues, arrived.

– The situation is apparently so bad, Lindstrom replied with a laugh when asked why he was there.

He said that he represents “himself” in Satitalo. Lindstrom said he was there because of employment issues. The former Minister of Labor and Justice currently works as a Project Coordinator in the Municipal Association.

Basic Finns MP Ville Tavio said there was no agreement on a possible development cooperation cut. He specifically referred to the conflicts between the basic Finns and the RKP.

Of the speakers, apart from Orpo, only Sari Essah (KD) commented to the media on Monday morning. Rikka Purra of Basic Finns and Anna-Maja Henriksson of RKP did not appear before the media.

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