Sunday, December 10, 2023

Lorraine teases ultra-simple diet ahead of show – reveals her surprising way to work out


Sweden’s Eurovision winner has said she prepared for the contest by eating chicken, broccoli and feta cheese and exercising in a specially made face mask.

Eurovision winner Lorraine said at the post-victory press conference that she has been dreaming of “a glass of wine and an arrabiata” for half a year.

The singer has lived under sages with confused discipline.

In February, Swedish public broadcasting company SVT reported on Lorraine’s discreet diet, which at least at the time seemed like little.

– I’m eating chicken fillet, feta cheese and broccoli almost every day, he said of his preparations during the qualifying competition Melodifestivalen.

– I really had to work on my fitness. to make my voice sound better.

Lauren stated that she has followed her strict preparation routine ever since “I decided to go through with it”.

After winning Melodifestivalen, the singer also commented on the matter in the international media.

In March, in an interview with British broadcasting company BBC’s Eurovision reporter Daniel Rosney, she said she liked the jewelry-free line.

– What am I going to do in the next few weeks? Well, take a wild guess, dear, he joked.

– Lots of exercise, exercise, broccoli, chicken and feta – Tui Tui, it’s your fault!

Under the hood, Lauren told The Sun:

– I train like an athlete. For this you have to be physically fit. The song should not suffer.

In Liverpool, he said he drinks protein drinks and eats “so much food it’s crazy”.

In addition, he prepared himself by exercising, wearing a special mask covering his mouth and nose, somewhat reminiscent of a gas mask. This was to strengthen his heart.

– I wear 20 kg weights and a mask that controls my oxygen intake. Sometimes I feel like I am suffocating because there is very little air coming through the mask.

– Wearing a mask, I look like Darth Vader. But the stronger my heart, the easier it is for me to sing. I take it very seriously, he said, referring to the main villain of the Star Wars films.

So Lorraine prepared for Wij like the Olympics. It was lonely at times, he told SVT over the winter.

– My friends called and invited me out. I replied that it’s ten o’clock, I have to go to sleep – I’m bored!

A disciplined life always brings home victory. So a glass of wine is well worth it.

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