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Lorraine’s update on the Eurovision Song Contest caused a social media storm – the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest was flooded with harsh messages


Five-time winner Lorraine was congratulated on the official social media accounts of the Eurovision Song Contest. In the comments area of ​​the update, a heated exchange ensued.

Following the Eurovision final, media and social media from various countries discussed the wash behind Sweden’s Eurovision victory.

Sweden’s Loreen was chosen as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest by a landslide of votes from the national panel, while Finland’s Karija won the public vote. Social media have asked how it is possible that the winner of the public vote does not win the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Following the final, the Eurovision Song Contest published several congratulatory messages to Lorraine on their official social media accounts. The comments area of ​​the congratulation update is filled with completely different comments than the messages in which Weiss fans would like to congratulate Lorraine.

Other messages are repeated in the comments, where Eurovision contestants are accused of cheating and Lorraine’s song tattoo is allegedly stolen. There is a heated discussion in the comments about the fact that the winnings went to the wrong address and that the real winner of the visa is Finland.

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– The song was good, but Finland is the clear winner in people’s opinion, comments on Eurovision’s Facebook.

– Justice for Finland! The real winner is Sumen Karija, he writes on Instagram.

– Artists who have previously won Viustu should no longer be allowed to participate in the contest

– What’s the point of voting and paying for voting if the jury chooses the winner?

Europe chose Karija as the winner. Sweden received the majority of the jury votes. Finland would have won without him.

– I don’t think Lauren is a winner, they say on Instagram.

On Instagram, many updates about Lorraine have also been filled with brief comments that either read “Flying Free”, “Pont Erie” or “Mika Newton”. These refer to allegations of plagiarism, according to which Lorraine’s victory song plagiarized two songs that had already been published years earlier.

Pont Aire’s song Flying Free can be heard on YouTube, among others.

Lorraine’s winning song tattoo looks like this:

Loren has also been caught in the middle of a plagiarism scandal before, when several VueSeo fans pointed out that some of the chord progressions of the tattoo perfectly match the chord progression of Mika Newton’s song V Plenu, which was Ukraine’s top 10 song in 2011. Was representing

The songs’ alleged similarities, for example, can be heard in the update below:

The rapper, whose real name is Jere Pohonen, said yesterday that he was certainly upset about the loss, but praised Loren as a top person.

Lauren won, she definitely deserved it, she did it all, said Karija.

Of course I would love for Lorraine to win, what can I deny, said the artist.

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