Thursday, October 5, 2023

“Masterpiece”, rating 96/100 – Last week saw the release of one of the best games of all time


Nintendo did it again. Critics around the world say that the recently released Zelda game is an instant classic.

Yes, you can almost declare it in church already, if you look at the reception of the players and the grades given by the media.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, released by Nintendo on Friday, will almost certainly be the best game of 2023.

Metacritic lists 88 reviews for the game with an incredible average of 96/100. The game has received full marks from, for example, Germany’s Eurogamer, PCMag, The Washington Post, The Gamer, Dexerto, IGN and GameSpot. The player rating after 2500 ratings is 87/10.

On the review site, only 17 games are ahead of New Zelda in terms of critic scores. In many reviews, the game has been called a masterpiece. So we can talk about an instant classic that will be remembered for a long time. But why?

Tears of the Kingdom offers more varied enemies and boss characters than the previous part.

Tears of the Kingdom offers more varied enemies and boss characters than the previous part.

Tears of the Kingdom is the sequel to 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one of the most successful games of all time. It has sold over 30 million copies, in addition it was voted the best game of 2017 at several sporting events and in the media.

Breath of the Wild received great acclaim for its amazing and expansive world, which the player was able to explore completely freely from the start. The explorable world, combined with the otherwise excellent adventure gameplay and working mechanics, deliver a memorable experience that you’ll want to come back to again and again. Especially when the game takes an average of 50 hours or more to complete.

State Tears picks up where Vikas left off in Breath of the Wild. Everything is bigger and better, like the familiar game world from the previous part, which has been significantly expanded.

The biggest innovation in the game is the ability to combine different items and create something completely new. In addition to weapons, the player can also create tools, vehicles or a bridge, for example. The ability to create practically anything has critics spellbound, with nearly all reviews glowing with praise for this new work.

How easily a player can make a boat:

Several reviews stated that the game took more than 80 hours to complete. So there is a lot to play if you immerse yourself in exploring the vast game world and the caves, islands and more it has to offer. The story has received praise for its implementation, even though it was not the number one story of the game in the opinion of many.

Overall, nearly all reviews repeat roughly the same mantra: Tears of the Kingdom is practically a sequel to a game that many consider the best of all time. Or should be.

The new Zelda is already an undeniable early favorite when the Game of the Year award is handed out at The Game Awards in December. Microsoft’s anticipated Starfield action role-playing game and PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, both to be released during the fall, are expected and hoped for challengers.

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