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Mystery man posing with Erica Wickman confirms relationship exists


The public is not aware of Vikman’s new swing.

In early May, singer Erika Wickman published a photo in the Stories section of her Instagram account, in which an unidentified male kisses the singer on the cheek.

The shot was surprising, as Wickman has previously stated that he has been living a happy single life for a long time. However, this has now changed.

Ilta-Sanomat captures Vikman’s new partner, which solidifies the two’s relationship.

– Relationship with Erica exists, says the man.

Wickman now equates it to a middle-aged Western Finnish man. This is not a public figure, as this person works in the healthcare industry.

He wants to stay away from the public eye for the time being and hence will not comment further on the matter.

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Pop star Erica Wickman is no longer on the free market.

Pop star Erica Wickman is no longer on the free market. Photo: Pete Aarey-Ahtio / IS

Wickman has told the public that he is single since 2020.

Prior to this, he was a composer consultant with Danny since 2016. Despite Wickman’s own status, a suspected relationship between Wickman and rock singer Jyrki 69 made headlines this spring.

The pair, who became close during the filming of the show Only Life, were believed to have dated each other at least at some point, but Wickman herself never acknowledged the relationship. Jyrki, on the other hand, hinted that there is something between the two, but did not directly acknowledge the existence of any relationship.

Wickman’s confirmed and rumored male relationships have at least one thing in common. With the current partner of the singer, 80-year-old Danny and 54-year-old Jyrki69 are older than 30-year-old Wickman.

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