Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Photos: Hawk jet crash site in Keuru has tight security – police cite a special reason


Police plan to monitor the accident site in some way throughout the night.

An Air Force Hawk jet crashed on the ground today in Keru, central Finland.

Central Finland’s rescue service received a report of an air traffic accident at Keru in Henaasentii at around 2:15 pm on Monday. The plane fell to the ground and its pilot managed to escape by taking the ejection seat.

Police is making traffic arrangements in the area.

Ilta-Sanomi reporter Terho Vuorinen is on the scene on Highway 348 at the end of Henacenti in Keuru. Vorinen says the police have closed both ends of the Hinacentis.

At least one single-family property can be seen in the area, and it consists of older wooden buildings. No other houses are visible at the intersection.

There is at least one police car, one military police car, one possible bear group car, one defense force truck and one civilian police, along with the German shepherd.

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Later in the evening, Vorinen says that the Air Force has its own investigation team at the crash site, but everyone else has left the area where the plane was found. In Henacenti, the police take care of the order.

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Police told Vuorinen that the police had isolated the area, among other things, because when an airplane hits the ground, there is a fear that the tiny, finely divided machine dust might end up in the air. Will go This machine dust is hazardous to health.

According to the police, this machine dust is more dangerous than asbestos and can be airborne from 500 meters to 1,000 meters from the accident site.

According to the police, the area is somehow guarded throughout the night. The police hope that no one will come to investigate in the area, also for their own safety.

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