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Prince Harry’s scathing claim: relationship with ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy comes crashing down in the media


According to Prince Harry, reporters hacked his phone and harassed him, which had a devastating effect on his then-relationship with Chelsy Davy.

The Duke of Sussex blamed illegal media intrusion into his private life for the reason he and Chelsy Davy, 37, broke up.

Prince Harry and Zimbabwean businesswoman Davy were in an on-off relationship between 2004 and 2010. Today Prince Harry is married to Duchess Megan.

Harry, along with some other public figures, has sued Associated Newspapers, ie the British newspapers Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, as well as Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN).

In his testimony, Prince Harry claims that after being bullied and harassed by a reporter from the Mirror Group, Davy realized “royal life was not for him”, according to the BBC.

According to Harry, a Mirror Group reporter, or a spy hired by the company, hacked his phone and accessed the Duke’s voicemails. According to the claim, the editors of the magazine obtained private information about Harry’s personal life by listening to messages from Harry’s fans.

The Telegraph reports that Harry accused MGN reporters of following him and Davy wherever they went. According to Duke, this put an enormous amount of “unnecessary stress and strain” on their relationship.

Harry says the media’s alleged illegal activity has left him “depressed and paranoid and feeling like you can’t trust anybody.”

Chelsy Davy (centre) attends the wedding of Duke and Duchess Harry and Meghan in 2018

Chelsy Davy (centre) attends the wedding of Duke and Duchess Harry and Meghan in 2018 Photo: I-Images

MGN denies allegations of voicemail interception. However, the company apologized for a separate case of illegal data collection against Harry, saying the prince’s legal action “deserves compensation.”

Here, the company refers to the case where an MGN reporter illegally gathered information about Prince Harry’s activities at Chinawhite nightclub in February 2004.

However, this matter is not a part of the prince’s cases this time.

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