Saturday, September 23, 2023

Riku Rantala publishes leaked photo of his luxury resort – comments thread raises a question


Survivors host Riku Rantala posted a casual photo from a luxury apartment in Malaysia, prompting a follower to ask a question.

Riku Rantala, who is the host of the Suomi program in the new season, relaxes on the beach in the Malaysian archipelago.

Rantala posted a picture on Instagram in which she is smiling at the camera and holding a white can on her head. He has also taken off his shirt and is reclining on a chair under the Southeast Asian sky.

– Job is on the way! I don’t want to count the children, Rantala wrote in the accompanying text.

The picture does not show what is inside the can. However, some inference can be drawn from a comment by Rantala.

One of Rantala’s followers asked Rantala in a comment thread if he survived. Rantala gave a direct answer to this:

– Well, I’m not!

Survivor Finland will be next seen on TV screens on Nelloz and Rudu. Rantala, who rose to fame with the MadVenture show, will be the host for the first time in the upcoming season.

Juuso Makilahade hosted the series prior to Rantala’s reign.

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