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Sanna Marin gets teary-eyed in new documentary trailer – she’s rarely shown her emotions


The HBO Max streaming service will release the company’s first Finnish documentary series in early June.

The five selected documents belong to Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s (SD) government five. In the trailer for the documentary, Marin talks about the conflicting feedback she’s received.

– If I am working, I should be with my family. If I clean, it is wrong, because you should hire a cleaner. If I go running, it’s wrong because I should be working, Marin lists in the trailer.

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In the trailer, Marin also breaks down in tears while talking about the war in Ukraine.

In public, Marin hasn’t really shown her feelings.

Marin has twice shed tears in IS weekend interviews: after the final fallout of the Corona era and in April last year, speaking also about the war in Ukraine.

– The heart hurts. What terrible things are happening there. The fate of children, the fate of the disadvantaged, the condition of the Ukrainian people. In an April 2022 interview with IS, Marin was moved by the horrors of war.

Marin’s rule was affected by two major crises: the coronavirus crisis and Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

Marin has been tight-lipped about his own pressures as prime minister.

– I would like us to at least survive as a nation. The work has been hard and it’s been a lot, but that’s why we’re in these positions, that we’re willing to work, Marin described her experience in an interview with IS last April.

During the relief from the Corona crisis in September 2021, Marin told IS that she was tired in the first spring, but she was not tired.

– No, it was nothing like that, but it’s definitely been a tough time. None of us can work continuously without taking a break. People need time off, free time and a life other than just working. It is not humane to work without a break.

In front of a large audience, Marin showed his emotions only once and talked about his pressure. Last August in Lahti Bazar, at the public event of Sdp’s summer meeting, when the noise of the Prime Minister’s party was at its peak.

– This week has not been easy in my life. It’s been really tough. I want to believe that people see what we do at work rather than what we do in our spare time. I’m human, Marin said with a trembling voice.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin said late last summer that the party boom had not been an easy time and that she longed for joy, light and fun amid dark days.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin said late last summer that the party boom had not been an easy time and that she longed for joy, light and fun amid dark days. Photo: Lassie Rinne

I too sometimes miss the joy, the light and the fun amidst these dark clouds. It contains all kinds of picture and video content that I myself would not want to see. I know you don’t want to see. Yet, it is shown to us. It’s personal, it’s fun, it’s life, but I haven’t missed a single day of work, I haven’t missed a single job, and I won’t, Marin continued at the Lahti market in August.

The Five Chosen documentary will be released on HBO on June 9.

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