Friday, December 8, 2023

Sanna Marin’s measurements come full circle – a harrowing reckoning in new documentary


The Finnish documentary follows the steps of the government of five led by Sanna Marini in the midst of the crisis.

The HBO Max streaming service will release the company’s first Finnish documentary series in early June.

The Max Originals documentary The Five Chosen deals with themes of strength and femininity. Episodes follow the existence of the Government of Five, led by Prime Minister Sanna Marini, amid the turmoil, and we get to know the women behind the public image.

The trailer for the documentary series has now been released. In the introductory video, Marin describes how she got feedback that she was doing everything wrong in her personal life.

– If I am working, I should be with my family. If I clean, it is wrong, because you should hire a cleaner. If I go running, it’s wrong because I should be working, Marin lists in the trailer.

Five other women in the government also get a chance to speak in the trailer. Among other things, Finance Minister Annika Saricko explains in a video how in order to withstand the pressure of publicity, a person must have some kind of protective shell.

– An individual must have some sort of armor so that this species is not permanently injured, Saricko describes.

On the other hand, Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksen openly talks about going to the limit of tolerance.

— there will be moments when you wonder if you can take it any more, he reflects in the video.

Hanka Kastelikova, who served as one of the documentary’s producers, describes the series’ creators as being excited about HBO’s first Finnish documentary.

Sanna Marin’s five ministers, consisting mainly of young women, have inspired people all over the world. Rather than repeating the steps of the previous government, this documentary shows that the time has come to increase the diversity of decision-makers around the world, both in terms of age groups and gender, Kastlikova wrote in an HBO press release.

The three-part documentary series was directed by Mia Halme.

The Max Original documentary The Five Chosen will premiere June 9 on the HBO Max streaming service. on Friday. The series can also be seen on TV5 on 14th June. From

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